Would it be acceptable to do a "Fuck, Marry, Kill" Thread Game?

The gist of the game is that one person gives three people, and the next person has to decide which one they’d fuck, which one they’d marry, and which one they’d kill.

I can see problems with it in that it reduces people to sex objects and you’re not supposed to talk about committing violence against real people.

It’s kind of a fun pastime, though, but I’m wondering if it’s too low-brow for the Dope or if it runs afoul of any rules.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this will not go over well.


I don’t like the game for the way it objectifies people, and I also don’t like it because it’s unclear if you also get to fuck the person you marry. I’ve genuinely seen it argued either way and I feel like on this board we should try to limit ourselves to wholly unambiguous games.

You’re right; bad idea.

And I’ll admit to being disappointed that, because this will be a non-starter, I will not have the opportunity to submit the Three Stooges for consideration.


I agree that the game is not only not board-legal from the get go, even if it is allowed under the rules, would almost certainly descend into Pit-type behavior quickly.

Brainstorming, how about transmuting the conditions to:

Fuck becomes you get to spend one perfect day with the person
Marry becomes the person becomes your BFF
Kill becomes all mention of the person disappears from public view and you never see or hear anything about them for the rest of your life.

Of course, it’s hard to come up with good single syllable trenchant terms for the substitutions, so there’s that…

I could suggest a term for that one, actually, based on the jargon used by the international development crowd that I used to work with. We used to say that someone was “PNG’ed” if they were banished from participating in/being considered for various projects or activities. The PNG stands for persona non grata.

ETA: no need for the extra letters making it into a past tense verb, I guess. Just “…or PNG?” would do.

Bliss, Befriend, Banish

Ok, more than one syllable but so is “marry”

I like the last two, but I wonder if there’s a better word for the first one. “Bliss” does not conjure in my head the idea of having the perfect hangout with someone for a day. And it would be good if the options were nearly self-explanatory, like the original.

(And, yes, I do believe you did fuck the person you married. It’s just that you had to also live with them, so the “fuck” could be someone didn’t like too much or would get annoyed by, but thought was hot. )

I don’t disagree but, hey, it’s nearly midnight here.

There is already a PG version of the game, or at least I have a vague memory of a tv show or something with kids playing the game. (Maybe Modern Family, with Phil naming it with absurdly cutesy words.)

I remember it was kiss instead of fuck, but I can’t remember the other two. Maybe Google knows…

Not much help. I think marry becomes cuddle. Kill changes to the equivalent of a smack, but I can’t think of a good alliteration for it. Although I suppose Kiss, Cuddle, Kill technically works.

I’ve also seen this as “Shag, Marry, Avoid” which at least gets rid of the problematic killing part.

This would not be allowed.
For all the obvious reasons.

Just the title of this thread seem problematic.

Yeah, it can be a fun game, but “kill” certainly violates board rules, and “fuck” runs a pretty high risk of sexually objectifying politicians and such.

The bliss, befriend, banish version might possibly work, though.

I assume this would live in MPSIMS.

How about a “fuck, marry, kill thread” thread game?

Fuck: Does anyone remember the alternate ending of Big
Marry: Today in Nature I saw
Kill: (Well, I had a thought for this one, but I’m going to hold it back)

Oh, right, this would live in thread games. I back out, not my forum.

It would and should be thread games. The bliss, befriend, banish version could in theory work, but I still worry about the misogyny and objectification that is certain to follow. Which we are suppose to mod.

I really don’t think it would work.

I agree too harsh.

Just for fun I tried, removed

Modnote: No, you are not bypassing the rules to play it in ATMB.
I will send your post into the cornfield instead.

Sorry went down a 3 stooges rabbit hole.
Wasn’t looking for a loop hole