WoW: Burning Dog Legion

I decided to start a separate thread on this rather than letting the question get lost in World of Warcraft General Discussion.

I started a new toon back when Burning Dog Legion was young, and ended up giving up on the economy on that server, playing the toon less and less. Now that we can change servers, races, factions, and such, I’ve been pondering switching one of my alliance toons over. Does BDL need a casual level 77 shadow priest? Is there much going on these days?

At the moment, we’re basically a social guild - we aren’t even formally running heroics, it’s pretty much on an ad hoc basis. But we’ve got some new 80s and a leveling 70-something or two, and we’re pretty close to being able to field 10-man raids. So I dunno if you really want to blow the money on a server/faction transfer or not.

Well, most of the time I see Kene and Jarryn who are dual Shadow/Holy Priests at level 80 and also Kruler is a level 80 Discipline Priest. Verdagris (Shadow/Holy) and Koanava (Discipline) are also 80s, but I rarely see them if at all.

But right now, I think we need anyone at or near 80 so we can do 10 man runs eventually. At least, that is what I am hoping for. I would love to see you in the BDL, IMHO.

We did have a good pick-up guild run, giving our noob 80 druid his first taste of healing a heroic and running regular ToC; hopefully we can do more of that now that we’ve got a decent core of active 80s again.

Social guild is fine, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have the time for actual raiding, and since I’m using (insert expletive here) HughesNet at home, my latency tends to run around 900 to 1200 ms, so you wouldn’t want to count on me as a group healer if I respecced.

I do, however, enjoy playing, doing impromptu five-mans from time to time, helping other guildies with quests (and calling for help now and then), doing some crafting (said priest is an enchanter), and generally having fun with the game.

I’ve played hordies up to level 30, and started a horde death knight, who I played up to level 65, so I’ve never really experienced horde content between 30 and 55, or over 65. That’s why I’m considering switching the shadow priest, and then starting a new horde toon in BDL.

It’d be great to have you Wombat. We have two active level-80 priests, me (Kene) and Jarryn. Kruler hasn’t been around since early summer; probably taking a WoW break. I’m Holy with a Shadow offspec; I think Jarryn’s main spec is Shadow and don’t know if her offspec is Disc or Holy. We can always use more DPS so if you’re Shadow that’s great.

Like Tom and Yeti said, we’re hoping that with a few more 80’s we’ll be able to start doing casual 10-mans again. In the meantime we can help you get geared up when you hit 80.

ETA: We also have a standing dungeon instance run every Wednesday night for lower-level toons; some of us only play these toons on Wednesday night so they are levelling slowly but are going through all of the 5-man dungeon instances in the game (we’re currently on Dire Maul). If you were to start a new horde DK on Cairne, you’d be right at our current level (we’re in the mid-50s). You could do this as well as move your priest over, if you’re interested in that content and regular guild runs.

Also, we’ve been running old-world instances every Wednesday. The core group is in their late 50s (we’ve been doing Dire Maul lately), so if you felt like making a new DK he would be right at the right level range to join in.

Yeah, it was eating up too much of my social time, so I took a break. I had intended to come back to finish Brewfest for the flying mount, but it started earlier than I anticipated, so I stayed away to avoid rekindling the addiction.

I’ll probably pop back in eventually, so please don’t gkick me!

At this point more active guildies can only be a good thing. Most of the time I’m online it’s just me and Reinsgaard in one of his alts, although last night was a welcome change with so many people on at once.

Lurker, we’ve got guildies who have been no-shows much longer than you and we haven’t gkicked anyone yet. I hope you pop in a say hello sometime!

You need a spouse like mine who forces you to moderate your playing time… :slight_smile:

Yes! Yes! Like Bosstone said, more active people is a good thing. Before the summer we were doing 10 mans on a fairly regular basis

That pretty much what we do. That, and grumbling about dailies.

It’s Holy.

As far as I know, we haven’t /gkick anyone, so everyone that ever made a toon in BDL should feel free to drop by and say Hi sometime!

Well, there was that one time… ducks behind a shield

Haha… well, okay, nobody’s been permanently /gkick.

So I tried Machinarium today, and miraculously it worked so long as it wasn’t in full screen. It didn’t even work windowed earlier.

Hopefully that bodes well for WoW working. Granted there’s still no point, I’m still not entirely in a pre-raid heroic DPS set so I can’t help with raids or anything sadly.

Maybe not yet, but we can help you gear up pretty quickly – others in the guild are in the same boat.

I think we only have three players who WoW Heroes thinks are ready for ToC 10 and Ony 10, plus maybe half a dozen more ready for Ulduar 10.

The green/yellow/red bar WoW Heroes uses to show which instances one is ready for has a weeeeee sliver of yellow at the very edge, and all of it’s red otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a ton of greens in my Resto set that I need to dump.

Damn, no dice. And windowed mode makes it even worse. I can’t figure it out, all Googling on the issue tends to turn up people saying it’s CPU throttled, but I even tried way OCing my i7 to the 4GHz range (along with other weird possibilities, like turning hyperthreading on/off) and changing the affinity to use more cores than it was designed for and that didn’t do much either (prolly 'cause it seems that WoW only uses 2 threads clientside). Shadows and ground clutter seem to be hitting it the worst, but turning them down still only gets me in the 20FPS range, and even then only when I’m not moving.

What’s the environment in which you’re trying to use Warcraft? It sounds a little like the trouble I had getting it to run in Linux. If that’s the case, I can probably point you to some helpful pages.

Is this something Blizzard support might be able to help you with? After all they have a vested interest in people being able to play their games.