Wow, that's a BAD cover of that song

I got it at the start of the first line. Musically, it’s not so abhorrent, but if these are the lyrics?

For some reason Jack White covers Dolly’s Jolene.

I don’t know if this was supposed to be a parody, but it truly sucks.
Killdozer doing “One Tin Soldier”.

Not linking to it because the thumbnail shows a woman with a see-through top.

At least one person disagrees that this is a BAD cover…

Dolly Parton Once Had This to Say About The White Stripes' Powerful Cover of 'Jolene'

The White Stripes’ version of the track struck a chord with Parton, who sang its praises in a 2016 interview with The Guardian, where she also talked about her fondness for singer-guitarist Jack White.

“Well, I love him to death,” she said. “[The White Stripes] did one of the greatest versions ever of ‘Jolene.’”

Over in the What song actually makes you shout NO! and change the station? thread, @BlankSlate made an astute observation regarding the OP:

Absolutely anyone singing freakin’ Hallelujah. It’s one of the most covered songs simply to add to my misery.

There is a website called Secondhandsongs on which one can search for covers. Which prompts the question, of all the awful versions of Halleluja, which is the worst?

SHS lists 430 covers, ranging from people you have never heard of to names that strike fear into the heart. There’s no way I’m listening to that lot; but wait - as soon as I had found the following, I knew my work was done.

I’ll merely note that comments have been turned off. I can’t imagine why.


Yeah, I’m pretending mine are turned off, too.

All covers of “Helter Skelter” are awful, but U2’s version from Rattle and Hum stands out especially.

It’s really not a good song to start with. It fit well with the White Album experimental aesthetics, but songs in the proto-punk genre tended to have short half-lives, and the Beatles didn’t have the street cred for that style anyway. I doubt many people would be talking about it today if Charles Manson hadn’t sensationalized it with his wacko ideology.

“Here’s a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We’ve stolen it back.” Yeah, Bono always has been a pretentious wanker.

Groups that play that elevator shit shouldn’t be allowed to have the word “jazz” in their band names.

Disagree. I like S&G just fine, but I never “got” Sound of Silence until I heard Disturbed do it. S&G delivered a melancholy song. Disturbed pulled me into the mind-blowing hopelessness it describes. Which is funny because I’m not otherwise a huge Disturbed fan.

So, you agree wholeheartedly with the gist and motive of my reply.

Agree. Just not with the last bit about nothing beating the original. Precision eludes me at times. Apologies.

She’s entitled to her opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

If you got the chance to tell Dolly why she’s so wrong, would that be…fansplaining? :thinking: :rofl:

I played myself. Not only do I have a persistent Hallelujah earworm, I also managed to take the discussion into the offline world. A friend came up with this, which is not terrible, I guess:

Yeah, the Jack White/White Stripes cover of “Jolene” is pretty damned solid. I’m not sure what the critique of it could be – too theatrical, maybe? Jack White’s voice gets pretty expressive and soulful as the song progresses–the yearning and pain sound in earnest to me. Check out the live versions. It’s pretty killer (and I’m not a White Stripes fanboy, though I do like Jack White’s work for the most part.)

Man, that cover of “Senses Working Overtime” I just stumbled on a couple hours ago today while perusing this thread. Oh my Lord. I mean, they certainly didn’t make a slavish cover of the original, but none of the aesthetic choices could I understand. The arrangement is not cohesive; there’s no flow to the song as it transitions from part to part; for some reason, there’s gratuitous scratching that really adds nothing to the song. Its mere existence is a tick in the column of “if there is a God, it’s not a benevolent one.”

How much soul can you suck out of one song?

Ketty Lester - Love Letters - YouTube

One of many atrocious covers:

What a gem! Now I want to listen to the whole album! Thanks to @Smapti and @Baal_Houtham for pointing out the original song.

I give you…

This tropical house cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” Brace yourselves:

I don’t mind Hüsker Dü’s cover as it’s wonderfully shambolic, but I agree that U2’s is abysmal.

For all his various crimes against music, Falco also deserves a special spot in hell for this Dylan cover: