Check it out – just brilliant!


And this is funny because?

My eyes are in danger of falling out for rolling so much.

No, not brilliant. Kinda stupid, actually.

Go to the hatemail section – quite amusing. Note that most of the people who don’t get it use AOL.

I get it. It’s scripted. big whoop. It’s still stupid.

Institutionalized Sisters - Grief and Yoga (ISGAY-DOM)
3355 Jerome Prairie Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Domain Name: ISGAY.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Gasso, Kameron (KG6338) kameron@CHATLINK.COM
3355 Jerome Prairie Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Record last updated on 19-Oct-2000.
Record expires on 23-Oct-2001.
Record created on 23-Oct-1998.
Database last updated on 2-Mar-2001 21:24:13 EST.
Domain servers in listed order:

yeah buddy

Ah, well, that makes it brilliant. Now where’s the site where you can say that someone’s a damn lezzie?

You mean he’s not? I always figured, him being in the Chicago Reader and all. And he’s so bitchy. I didn’t believe there was a Mrs Adams for one minute.

Andygirl, they provide their source code. Just get your own domain name and a server for it and say whatever you want about people. Personally, I rate it as mildly amusing, if rather stupid. And actually rather a clever idea, 'cause I’d never have thought of that, even if I wanted to.

I’m with Rysdad and psycat.

Actually … they mention that under “Future Plans”. Just thought you’d wanna know…

Oy . . . :rolleyes:

yeah… it’s kinda stupid, but nothing really wrong with it. I can think of some funny applications if you wanted to set up your own site.

Go Away!

Not even mildly amusing.

Compared to sites like ILoveBacon, this is hardly surprising. Heck, it’s actually kind of expected.

Did I enjoy it? Eh… limited use. However, I WAS talking to a girl who said she’d marry me if I was gay (don’t ask), so I used the site as proof. I’m a-gettin’ hitched, everyone!

Well God Damnit SPOOFE, I thought you were mine to the end, an older woman with more to offer you than the cheap slut who has no clue how to satisfy you…I know I can offer you more, I got more of a lot er, something.

I am crushed now!

< sigh >

What I’d really like to see is the three www.cecil.adams.is.gry com sites.

Hallelujah. You can use the internet to insult someone by saying they share my sexual orientation. I’m so thrilled.

I completely understand why people would be offended by this site. It’s pretty childish, and I would never use it on someone (not just because it’s dumb, but also because I’m sure you could really hurt someone who was secretly struggling with their sexuality if they thought for a minute someone really did “suspect” something). However, perhaps the intention of the “joke” is not to make fun of gay people…perhaps it’s more to make fun of those people who freak out just at being called gay. How would Mr. God-Hates-F**s feel about http://fred.phelps.isgay.com/ for example?

Aw, don’t worry, Tech’ems… with you, I can avoid the Catch-22 about having to be gay in order to score a woman.

Unless there’s somethin’ you haven’t told me yet.