Yellow alert supplies?

Now that we’re down to just a yellow alert I need to know if there’s anything special I need to buy, or can I just make do with the scotch tape and saran wrap I already have?

Thanks in advance for any help.

For yellow:

make an emergency plan
build a disaster supplies kit
get trained in lifesaving skills such as first aid and CPR
donate blood

I guess if you did them already, you could update the plan, refresh the supplies, practice your skills, re-volunteer (to the Red Cross or something) and donate more blood.

Just go about your life as you normally would. This ‘alert status’ is a manipulative bunch of crapola.

Here’s what I do:

Yellow -> Sit at work and realize possibility of terrorist attack at work is high. Realize that terrorist attack at work = multiple days off without vacation time being used. Take long lunch.

Orange -> Realize that possibility of being shot by idiot texas cops/FBI hanging around the foundation is high if I don’t wear my ID badge. Realize getting shot by law enforcement = law suit = money = time off. Make a mental note to keep ID badge in pocket.

Red -> Get excited because they’ll probably shut down the foundation and I can go home early. whoot I love being non-essential staff!

Then again if there is a terrorist attack, and it envolves any biological agents I won’t be able to get shit done for weeks :frowning:

How this whole alert thing affects you depends greatly on your job.

Since it is still yellow alert, you should make do with 3M brand scotch tape and Saran wrap. Don’t go for the off brands. That’s for when they drop the alert the next level.

Thanks Deadly that confirms my worst fears. All I have is 71 rolls of generic scotch tape left over from the Christmas mailing frenzy. Though we did get a good deal last December on scotch tape at the local CostCo, bought the Super Gonzo Economy pack of 463 rolls. With a little luck and no terrorist attack Mrs. Hook says it will last us through the end of the month.

I was going to use butcher paper and masking tape, for yellow alert. Instead of stockpiling a gallon of water per person per day, I was going to stock two 16-oz gatorades per person. I immediately drained our cars of gas so they are back to 1/4 full. Instead of an emergency meeting place, we’re picking a movie theatre at which to converge.

I once went to a frat party wearing nothing but Saran Wrap. Funny, I remember a yellow alert that night as well.

Bad news for Casa de Hook, just checked the kitchen and we don’t have any Saran Wrap. We do have 3 partial rolls of aluminum foil though.

Nachos and beer sound like good emergency supplies to me.

Beer and Beef Jerky

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

You don’t need Saran Wrap for Yellow. Newsprint is fine. If you have a lot of leftover stuff from the Orange alert, you can use thinly sliced Spam buttered into place over window and door cracks.

Dammit… this is what I was going to say when I saw the thread title, and you’ve taken it away… IN THE OP NO LESS!!

I feel so empty :frowning: