Ed informs me that the board has had some sort of hiccup and that it will probably be tomorrow at least before it’s fixed.

Fret not, hold tight, do the best you can – 'cause we are too. And we’ll get through this.

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Thank you for the info.

Hiccups:induce vomiting, I read it right here on the board somewhere

Yep, Sunbear, that’s what happened. The board hiccupped, Ed induced the board to vomit, and now he’s waist high in alphabet soup. But not to worry, he has a million monkeys on a million keyboards recreating the posts. Maybe they’ll make some sense of it.

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Didn’t Nostrodamus predict that this would happen?

I saw other UBB boards on the net doing the same thing…weird…! Double postings!!!

I’m at another UBB board and the software DID just get upgraded.

This IS the SDMB. We have a tradition of board posting glitches and wouddn’t know how to cope with a dependably functional board anyhow.

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