Yippy, I have a job...for a short while anyway...

And by short while, I mean this could last a few days or it could last a few weeks.

A quick recap of my job situation.
2007 The pcb manufacturing plant I worked for for 11.5 years closed down.
2007-2009 Back to college for a degree in network technology. I also get a CCNA and an A+ certification.
2009-2010 Can’t find an IT, or any other type of job.

Today - I’ve been offered a job I interviewed for. It’s for a nearby school district. They’ve been doing renovations to a lot of schools so they disconnected the computers and put them into storage. My job, along with a bunch of coworkers, is to put back the computers and hook them up again.

No prior experience is necessary and I have to attend a mandatory training session this Thursday. So it’s IT work, but it’s even lower than a help desk position :eek: . Just kidding, I don’t mind, but like I said above, it will only last a few days to a few weeks. And it only pays $8.40/Hour. Both of those things suck. But if this can lead immediately to another job I’ll be happy. Actually I’d be thrilled, but I’m not getting my hopes up too much.

Congratulations. I hope this leads to a permanent position.

Thank you. I do too.

I’m with you fellas.

Well all thank you. :smiley:


I hope this leads to a position in a field that you like and with a good salary. BTW, it was smart of you to go back to school right after losing your job- besides updating/honing your skills, it keeps your resume from having empty time slots. Way to go, and fingers crossed for you!

Thank you. I’m hoping I can show the school district that I’d be a great employee to hire on full time. Or baring that, since companies like to hire people with jobs already then maybe someplace else that I apply for will hire me since I’ll be employed.

Andy (son) was on unemployment for about a year (Baldin Wallace College 4 year degree).
Been a temp at Pepsi 3 months loading beverage in trucks, same $9.00 / hour. Work is physical too, as you can imagine 3-4 cases weigh a bit more than a desktop Dell.

They’re mandating a training session for a job that’s likely to only take a few days? Are you going to be paid for the training session time?

Yes, the 2 1/2 hour training is paid. And the job could last up to a few weeks. I’ll probably find out more during the training.

Oops, don’t know why I thought it was training. Looking at my E-mail again, it’s just orientation. But it’s paid orientation.

I don’t mind the work, and actually $9.00/hour would be fine.

Good luck! I hope it leads to something!

I’m going to try and make sure that it does.

Who owned the PCB plant. (I assume you mean Printed Circuit Board, and not Polychlorinated biphenyl?)

Yeah, printed circuit board plant. :slight_smile:
It was owned by three companies before shutting down.
[li]Praegitzer Industries[/li][li]Tyco (not the toy company)[/li][li]TTM[/li][/ol]

Last week we (I and other former employees) learned that the plant,


Holy crap!

I audited many PCB shops 10 to 20 years ago, but not that one. Like most electronics manufacturing, it’s all going off shore.

ETA: Congrats on the new job. You gotta start somewhere and this is a good start.

Thanks. I just found out it will start this coming Monday and last until Sept 6 (but we won’t get our paychecks until Sept 30).

We just check our E-mails each day to see when we’ll work. I’m hoping and praying I get something every day. Or barring that, I get plenty of overtime on the days I do work since overtime is possible.

Congrats, and wishing you further good job-mojo.

[quote=“Leaffan, post:16, topic:550569”]

We used to have a couple PCB plants around here. They could not afford to meet the EPA regs, and were forced to close down.

Although I’m sure everyone know, it’s Leaffan who said “Like most electronics manufacturing, it’s all going off shore.”

Heart of Dorkness, thank you.

For some reason if we work at more than one school in a shift, we can’t drive to the other school. The district will transport us to the second school, then at the end of the day, back to the school we drove to. I didn’t ask why, but I guess it must be for liability purposes. I can’t think of what the problem would be of letting us drive ourselves though.