You ever have a SD nightmare?

I did yesterday. I had just been lerking around sifting through threads and got a bit sleepy so decided to take a nap before church. My dream wasn’t really scary, but just disturbing that I would be dreaming about SD at all. See, I had just read the post title about being corrected for punctuation and spelling (have fun correcting this post) and decided not to touch it due to my total lack of gramatical skill. I dreamt that I HAD added a post to that thread but I typed without actually looking at the screen (yes I hunt and peck) and when I looked up I noticed that only every other key had functioned on my keyboard. Much to my horror I had already hit the submit button. So in a frenzy of trying to explain myself I frantically typed up an explanation cleverly using that /337 sp33/< crap I read about in another post. Well, my skill in that was far worse than my feeble atempts at english and it looked like a drunken woodchuck had leaped about on my keyboard. But for some reason I submitted my idiocy. But no! The post got submitted not once, not twice, but about fifty times! ACK! So I proceded to try and explain THAT. But something had gone terribly amiss with my keyboard and everytime I would type a letter it would automatically submit. BLAST! So then I cleverly started a new thread posting just one letter at a time begging for forgivness and praying that no one would show up at my house leave a bag of falming dog poop on the doorstep.

Anyone else dream of SD?

Me too! I had a dream several days ago that I posted something, while drunk, and I got flamed by several of the regulars here, as well as many of the mods!!

Can’t remember what I posted, but it was unforgiveably stupid, and something that I wouldn’t post ordinarily… I woke up with my heart pounding hard!!


Would we be excluding Brithael,** Bj0rn** and heatherlee?