You folks are my alibi

I’m back.

If anyone asks where I was, I was with you folks.

I saw him the whole time officer, he was over there in the corner chatting up that red-head.

No, I did not see you. I did not see you at all. I have no idea where Satisfying was. He could have been anywhere.

Make that he or she could have been anywhere. I still don’t know what Satisfying’s gender may be.

I’ll vouch for you, Satisfying… IF you post pics in your other thread. You did want to draw attention… :smiley:

Well, yeh, he was here.

For a while, anyway.

I think.

Or it might have been his brother, or cousin, maybe?

Anyway, there was some guy here that looked sort of like SALicious.

Although the light wasn’t very good.

I was kinda out of it, anyway, ya know?

No, no, I didn’t drink the whole case by myself – NoClueBoy had some too.

Sure, sure – glad I could be of assistance.

Yes, yes it’s true, sir. He was chatting me right up. I have to admit, I spent much of the time staring at his chest, though. Something kept drawing my attention to it. But yes, there we were in the corner.
I swear to it on my red hair. See? No roots.

My gaze has been drawn to Satisfying Andy Licious’ chest lately. I hope Satisfying Andy Licious is a girl.

I wish I could blame alcohol for my poor coding skills. Instead I’ll blame Satisfying Andy Licious’ chest.

Hee hee! After I posted what I did, I also thought, “I think she’s a she. I HOPE she’s a she!”

She is a he, boys. But what a great chest. :smiley:


Uh, I need to see some cold cash before I can supply an alibi.

PayPal is fine.

Counting my lurking-pre-posting days, I have been here nearly a year.
Last night at ten o clock, I sat bolt upright and said ‘satisfying and delicious! AHA!’

Please do not interpret the above as an indicator of my general intelligence. And I know wha tyou think, Desmostylus.:smiley:

I think If6was9 is having a “Crying Game” moment.

Perhaps if6was9 can find something to dry his tears with in SAL’s chest of drawers? It’s the bombe, after all. And check out those curves!

I never saw “Crying Game” but I’m having a moment alright!

I cannot tell a lie, officer. He was with that woman from Tangiers the whole time, plotting to overthrow the state of California (again!).

He also has a third nipple.

On his back.

No wonder he’s trying to draw so much attention to his chest.

I suspect it’s just the vestigial remains of his evil third twin.

I’ve also heard unconfirmed reports that Satisfying Andy Licious is really the legendary Bat Boy of The Globe news rag fame.

I’m sorry, SAL, but you just didn’t pay me enough to support your alibi. 50 pounds of baboon noses isn’t going to cut it.