You know what I really miss?

There are alot of really cool things about the SDMB and #straightdope. The witty humor, sharp retorts to comments, and tons of intelligent discussion. Boosting my ego by answering questions, getting mine answered post haste.

The one thing I really miss since this job sapped all my spare time…

Flirting!!! Damn it I can’t even keep track of the new eligible flirtees. Going so far as to being unsure whos male/female. I miss out of jjjfishe’s naked pool parties, and ssskuggiii’s shameless teasing. How long has it been since I patted Lanna’s butt? Michi’s probably forotten I exist, and all those spoken for ladies are starting to feel safe and secure again. Damn it, I won’t have that! Damn it, think of all the wonderful hotties I’m leaving out!!! This is the last straw, things must change.

Well, Hel-LO Omni! How YOU been? :wink:


<sneaks in a quick kiss while hugging him, not to mention what her hands are doing behind his back…>

Of course, you probably don’t even remember me. :stuck_out_tongue:

purp, sweetie. I never forget a pretty smile like yours. Don’t stop, I’ve got alot of ground to make up here…

Okay! Anything to help out a fellow doper, after all. :wink:

Looking around to make sure that Mr Bear’s not in sight:

<coming back in the room, she walks up to Omni, grabs him in a close hug, pulls him down for a deep, wet kiss that leaves both of them breathless, then trails her hands down his back and onto his…wink as she reluctantly lets him straighten up, giving him ample view of her heaving bosom barely covered by her blouse>

Howzat? Did that help at all? :smiley:
<thinking to herself: Mr Bear’s been gone just too long!>

Awww, Omni, go ahead…I’ll let you have a couple of pats. On my lower back. (Hey, at least it’s not my shoulder this time.)

Please leave** straws** out of it…we’ve certainly heard enough about that.

Falcon pats Omni on the butt.

Poor thing…smooch I’d kiss you more, but I don’t want to horn in on Purp’s territory… :wink:

Heh heh, Falcon said “horn”.

The last two guys I hit on in here (top of pg 2, bottom of pg 3) disappeared from the thread. Now that you’ve returned to the flirting pool, I’d hate for you to get sucked into the SDMB’s version of the Bermuda Triangle. :wink:

I’d flirt with you, but I don’t know how. :eek:

Falc, you of all people know there is plenty Omni-love to go around. I’ve been saving it all up.

little*bit, don’t be silly, some guys are just shy and get a bit nervous when a imposing beauty such as yourself pays them some attention. Its not you its them. I however am more than happy to graciously accept your advances.

Hammy, how is a girl to ever learn with that attitude!!! I don’t know if I can compete with Anthricite’s special skills, but you can never have too broad an experience. I definately come from the othe rend of that spectrum, hope that doesn’t intimidate you…I’m gentle, unless you request otherwise.

Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

(I respect that…)


Well then…

walks over and plants a stemy kiss on Omni, wrapping her arms around his neck to bring him closer Wanna share some of that Omni-lovin? :wink:

Oh no, Omni, I have not forgotten you exist! In fact, I have been missing ya lately! Here, pat my butt (it’s 4 pounds smaller than it was last month), and then sit down so I can sit in your lap.

Cracking knuckles, warming palms…watch out butts, here I come!

::bends over in short skirt and grins wickedly::

Y’see…but I don’t see much flirting on. I see people coming on to people…which is not flirting. I see people blatantly asking that their personal space be violated…which is not flirting. I see people WANTONLY kissing and groping each other…that is not flirting.

Okay, I may not know how to flirt, but at least I know it when I see it.

<ducks and covers>

Very astute observation Hamadryad. . .I’m sort of new around here, do you post often?

Oh poo, when I first saw the title I thought to myself, “Turkish Taffy, that’s what I miss! Especially the vanilla kind. Just put it in the freezer til it’s hard as a rock, take it outside and slam it on the sidewalk shattering it into razor sharp shards that slice up your tongue before they melt into heavenly goo. Then when all the big pieces are gone, you lick your finger to get up all the tiny crumbs.” And then I realized that that’s not what this thread’s about. SIGH. Well, if I HAD some Turkish Taffy, I would definitely share it with you…

Omni… I sure miss you too… and ya know… right at this moment we are having a pool party… come on over. I’m in my leopard print bikini. It has yet to become a naked pool party though. I’m sure with your presence it just might. Oh… the party is in the IT’S HOT IN HERE thread. (If i knew how, I’d give you a link) Come join us!