Your most embarassing BEDROOM moments

i don’t really have one but i’m sure some of your have really good ones! The most embarrassing thing i did was tripping on the way to the bed while naked.

Worst on my end was one time in college, living in the dorms (had my own room) I had my girlfriend at the time blindfolded and tied to the bed when I suddenly really, really, really had to take a leak. Like really amazing, right that second, so. So I was forced to excuse myself and grab my robe and head for the bathroom. Luckily, she took it in good humor and waited it out :smiley:

Cramps, undoubtedly.
“Sorry, I,ve just got a cramp…perhaps if you could just rub the back of my leg…sorry, no it’ll pass in a minute…this doesn’t normally happen to me, you know.”

We once broke my boyfriend’s bed. I also once fell off the bed (and narrowly avoided cracking my head on the dresser) while dismounting. My boyfriend almost decided to take a picture of me while sprawled on the floor recovering. Blech.

lol, we’ve done the breaking of the bed also lol

First week I moved into a dorm, one night I had to use the restroom. So I decided to get out of bed and do the business. Only problem is that I forgot that I had the top bunk and expected the ground to be right there at my feet. I ended up falling like a ton of bricks with legs collapsing beneath me.

Not only embarassing, but hurt like a son of a bitch.


A preface: 1) My bedroom used to be my parents’ bedroom before i was born - when they moved my sister & me in, they moved the lock to the top of the door so us small fry couldn’t accidentally (or on purpose) lock ourselves in. Why they didn’t just take it off, I dunno.

  1. I share a phone # with the internet (as opposed to the house #). One extension in my room, one in the computer room.

So one day when I was 16, I was engaged in coitus with my then-boyfriend - he’d locked the topofthedoor lock. My sister was a few rooms away, watching TV. Suddenly, my phone rings…

“Don’tgetitdon’tgetit”, says he. “If I don’t get it,”, I said, “sister dear’s gonna, then she’s gonna try to come in & ask why the hell I didn’t get it & wonder why the door’s locked”. My sister was 14 at the time, but a bit naive.

So I answer. It’s my freaking ex-boyfriend (who was then dating my best friend - ok by me). He never called me, I dunno why the spirit moved him right then. I rushed his ass off, told him I’d call in 20 minutes.

When I did, he asked why I’d sounded so out of breath…I told him he didn’t want to know & he got the picture.

Another time, in college, I was having an encounter…At one point we knocked something over, made a huge crash. My next-door neighbor knocked & asked if I was allright :slight_smile: I told her I was fine, but I had company right then. “OH! Sorry!”, she said. I told her it was fine.

I saw her the next day & she apologized ‘for interrupting’. I told her it was cool, that I was glad to know I had a neighbor who cared whether I fell & killed myself. :slight_smile: