Your "REAL" Job Description!

they had a “Job Description” spelled out for you in the classifieds.
sounded like a pretty sweet deal, huh?
-too bad they forget to mention the perverted over the hill co-worker,
the no-pay overtime, and the broken AC.

now, here’s a chance to post the ACTUAL “Job Description”,
for your job…

mememe first!

Wanted! A “Go-Getter”! [we don’t know what that means.]

Must be able to work in a fast, “busy-work” thriving environment,
be able to work under the microscope of micro-management,
show skills in the arts of breaking copy machines,
sounding “fake” to buyers,
and getting to level 3 of “Super Mario” on the “game boy”
during choice involuntary meetings.
“Mind-Reader” a must!

benefeits include:
slave labor wages, sharing an office with plus-sized, non-stop face loader.
all holiday hours combined into “festivus week”,
and of course, the occasional “non-benefeit of the doubt”!