Your signatures are going to get me in trouble

We’re working to implement an online forum where I work to try to connect with students in another way (help the introverts find compatible roomies). Somehow, because I said that I loved the idea, I got put in charge of it.

So far, the only problem I’ve had is that when I pulled up this board just to show some coworkers what a thread and a profile were (so that they stopped looking at like I was speaking another language), the user’s profile that I randomly pulled had a signature that was more than a lil on the “raunchy” side. I have a new nickname at work now… :smack:

Ok, we’re all dying to know…

Try my sig on fer size. It’s a quote from someone here on the board, but I can’t recall whom, and a search revealed diddly.

Suggestion: Use a support forum for some application or service for future demos of what forums can do.

– IG


Stupid message board. Not to self: check sig line tick-box after “Preview Post”

Oh, very nice.

Good one, Winston! :slight_smile: :cool:

Thanks, Bos. I’ve also been using it on my corporate emails, much to the distress of my colleagues (past and present). :smiley:

Just to let you know, I’ve commandeered your sig for RL usage. It comes in handy for situations where I’m caught flatfooted.

Wasn’t that from your world domination thread?

Drat. That’s a good signature. I may either have to pilfer it for my own corporate life or come up with a doozy.

has been used by mrklutz for quite a while now.

Yes yes yes, this is all well and good, but it doesn’t answer either of the questions brought on by the OP.

  1. Whose sig did you show to your coworkers, and 2) What’s your new nickname?

Hal Briston asking this is just priceless. We don’t really even have to bring up the original incident anymore.


I wanna know. Whose sig was this?

I doubt it was my sig

It sounds like something that would arise in a thread that I was heavily active in.

And: whose sig, what’s the nickname?

The sigs aren’t the only possible concern with surfing at work - have you taken a gander at the BBQ Pit list of threads? “Fuck” is prominently featured in 3/4s of them, usually. There are those who might suggest that you shouldn’t surf the Dope at work - fuck 'em, I say! It’s an adult site; we use adult language.

And we still need to know who the user was. :smiley:

Wow…I’m sitting here reading this and thinking “There’s sigs on this board…?” I’ve never seen any. And then a light clicks and I go to my preferences. Lo and behold, there’s a section for ‘show sigs’. I now see sigs! Thanks for lighting my way!

I only recently found out on a thread that you can turn signatures off - although I don’t know why. I often find signatures funny, witty, informative and interesting.

Do I have a sig? Let’s see…

:: braze myself ::