2008 Emmy Awards

Who’s watching?

I’m looking forward to Mad Men walking off with a few. Disappointed that The Wire was snubbed in its final season.

Other than that, I don’t have anything at stake, but it’ll be fun to watch. I always cry at the “Who died this year?” feature. Who died this year? Estelle Getty is the only one who comes to mind.

ETA: Hosting duties will be shared by a bunch of reality show hosts. Could be fun.

Me! I’m about to head downstairs now.

I’m pulling for a handful of actors, but nothing major. It’ll be good to just put my feet up and relax tonight. :slight_smile:

I had to move downstairs too. Husband’s watching football upstairs.

60 years of catchphrases montage. Nice start.

Oprah attempting to imitate Groucho. Um…

Did anyone else watch Jimmy Kimmel’s pre-show? Some seriously funny stuff.

Reservoir Dogs hosting

Really tough this year, several actors/actresses I admire are in the running: Michael C Hall, Glenn Close, Jon Hamm, Kyra Sedgewick, Jeremy Piven, Mariska Hargitay, Sally Fields, Holly Hunter, Ted Danson, Zeljko Ivanek, … I’m going to stop here with names because I like so many of them. I want to see Dexter, Damages, or Mad Men win for drama. Really great talent up for awards!

Tina and Amy were funny. The five hosts talking about nothing wasn’t.

I like the shot showing past winners in the category.

Piven’s joke about the opening was funny.

Nice Macy’s ad with refs to the store in pop culture- though it’s funny to see a clip from an ad in another ad (the Coca-Cola Macy balloon ad).

Or it could be the worst prediction in all of history. :slight_smile:

That was bad beyond belief. The good thing to come out of it was that Jeremy Piven saved his bombing joke with a joke about their awfulness.

Hey, the Emmys are 60! So here’s that Seinfeld where they talked about masturbation without saying “masturbation!” In an awkard segue to Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Jean Smart looks wonderful. Loved her dress. Haven’t seen Samantha Who. Is it good?

Supyurb? Supyurb? IT’S SUPERB! SAY IT RIGHT!

They’re gonna hang David Blaine upside-down! No fork in his ass, though.

Steve Carrell’s expression looks like that Indian from the don’t pollute ad. I’m waiting for a single tear to go down his eye.

Stay perfectly still. Only I may dance.

Gervais makes me uncomfortable like nobody else. He’s great.


Zeljko Ivanek (Damages) - supporting actor in a drama series
Dianne Wiest (In Treatment) - supporting actress in a drama
Writing (comedy/variety) - Colbert Report
Whatever that category was that the guy who did the Academy Award show won for
Jeremy Piven (Entourage) - supporting actor in comedy series

Did I miss anybody? Dang. It’s been almost an hour.

Mom liked Dick best, but Steve Martin liked Tom best. Good balance?

My god. He’s got the Dick Clark gene! Tommy Smothers hasn’t aged a bit.

I hate vapid celebrity interviews, which I why I loved Kimmel!