7 Jan 2021 and beyond - the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol

and what new actionable information does this give us that we didn’t have in your previous umpteen hundred posts on the subject.

You all are not ready for it. I promise you’re not.

NM taking it here so as to not disrupt this thread further.

(No) Surprise!

Well, you know what they say about the person who represents himself in court. In this case the client isn’t just a fool, he’s a giant freaking idiot.

“I’m Brandon Fellows!” Just reminded me of Tracy Morgan’s SNL character.

Brian Fellows seems to have had a much greater situational awareness and grasp of reality than Brandon does.

They now have a Blutfahne (Blood Flag) of their very own to wave . . . sadly (for them), not soaked in Ashli Babbitt’s blood.

While I have never heard of John Fredericks, I find the concept of a radio host who breathes radioactive halitosis on the truth then tramples it underfoot absolutely consistent with today’s GQP.

Let’s go, Brandon!

Capitol cop arrested for helping an insurrectionist to hide evidence of his involvement in the attack on the Capitol.