A Great Dane Invades LA

Any LA Area Dopers up for meeting Spiny Norman when he’s in town? We’ll be available to meet for drinks and/or dinner any evening from April 23rd to April 26th.

Sorry it has to be a weeknight, but since he’s travelling on the weekends and I have to work while he’s here, our alone time will be limited and I plan on being relatively selfish with him while I’ve got him here. But he said he’d love to meet some of the local Dopers while he’s in town, so I’ll share him for just one night. :slight_smile:

So is anyone interested or available?

Heh… April 26th is my brother’s birthday… what a coincidence.

Interested, cous, but alas, not available. :frowning:

Mazel tov to you!

What a coincidence, indeed, SPOOFE. So does that mean you’d like to have dinner with us, or what? LOL

And thank you, cous’! I’m deliriously happy right now, as I know you are, too. Perhaps some day we’ll find a way to get together and drink a toast to our mutual happiness!

Definitely the luckiest woman in the world!

Put me down as a possible attendee. I work nights, but I often get weekdays off (ah, the life of a newbie pastry chef). If his arrival coincides with a night off, then you betcha I’ll be there.

Yeah, Shayna, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll just have to check my schedule tomorrow…

Just tell me when and where, dear, and I’ll be there to take pictures (and to cover you up with a Smiley Face afterwards :D).

Sounds good to me. Where’d you have in mind?

You sure you can’t get Spiny Norman can’t reschedule his trip until May when I’ll be in LA? Hey, it was worth a try! :smiley: Have a great visit hon.

Love ya,

JavaMaven, I sure hope you can make it. That’d be great because then I’D get to meet you, too!

Johnny, I hadn’t thought of a place, yet. Just looking to see if we got any takers and then picking a location perhaps central to all of us. Have you got any suggestions?

SPOOFE, that is very thoughtful of you. You may take pictures of my honey, though. He’s definitely a cutie. :slight_smile:

Grace, how 'bout I try to talk him into coming back the end of May? Woo Hoo! Would that rock, or what?

Any other takers? I mean, how often do you get a chance to meet a Doper from Denmark without having to fly across the pond yourself?? C’mon people!

I’m the luckiest woman in the world!
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We had a pretty good time at the Café Tu Tu Tango Dopefest at The Block at Orange. (And it’s been a little while since I’ve munched on alligator.)

  • just thought I’d pop in to say that I’m so looking forward to meeting you fellows.

Come on, lurkers, I’d love to meet you. With the sort of culture shock I’ll probably be reeling from, any known entity will be appreciated. Plus, you get to poke fun at my accent and make “Yeeew” noises every time I kiss my sweet Shayna.

And eating alligator is going to be something to tell the folks back home…

S. Norman

You won’t get to hear the accent, but you’ll be saying “yeeew” a lot… :wink:

Where are the Californians? Y’all have the chance to welcome a visitor from across the ocean and everyone’s in hiding.

I say Spiny Norman and Shayna ditch California and come to Texas. I’m sure the DFW folks would love to party with y’all. Of course this group would probably get together to celebrate a bowel movement. We relish any excuse to visit with friends, enjoy a nice dinner, and have a few beers.

Oh and Shayna work your magic to bring him back in May. I promise not to make too many Yeeeew comments.

Curses. I’ve been trying to come up with a snappy answer for hours now, and - ehm - well - fierra, you might have a good point there.

S. Norman

They only have one alligator dish: “Alligator Bites”. These are little bite-sized pieces of alligator meat with a little breading. They’re served with two dipping sauces. One is called “pic-a-peppa”, but I don’t remember what the other, made of fruit, is.

For Dopers who haven’t been to Café Tu Tu Tango, it’s an appetizer place. Everyone shares his or her order. It worked out well last time. Figure about $8 for food, a couple of bucks for a non-alcoholic drink, and… I don’t know… $4 or $5 for an alcoholic drink. Tax, tip, and maybe chipping in for another plate of something, and you’re looking at about $20. Someone ordered some (large) eggrolls that were really good. I think they were Thai eggrolls. Everything I’ve eaten there has been good. Afterwards there is the outdoor mall to wander around in. Sometimes there’s entertainment in the central area between the restaraunt and the cinemas. Directions: 5 south, off at State College. Turn right at State College, cross Chapman, and turn right into The Block parking. Or; 405 south to 22 east. Exit City Drive and turn left.

Of course this is only a suggestion. Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica has good fish’n’chips and good bangers’n’mash, and it’s close to the Third Street Promenade for after-Doping strolling. Directions: 10 west to 4th Street. Left on Santa Monica Blvd. The King’s Head is across 2nd St. on the left. Turn right on 2nd and park in the structure. (You have to pay for parking.)

Does anyone have other ideas?

Thanks so much for the suggestions, Johnny. Either one of those will work for me. Since he’s the guest of honor, perhaps I’ll let Spiny Norman choose whichever one sounds best to him. Any and all other suggestions are welcome, of course.

The luckiest woman in the world!
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Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

Argh. and I wont be there.

Have fun!!

(Spiny, bring a lemon. you’ll know when you get there.)

Shayna: :slight_smile: hahahahahahaha

Has anyone been to Typhoon, at Santa Monica Airport? Is the restaurant even still there? I went to it once back in the 80s and it was pretty good.

Forgot to say thanks to Grace for the invitation to Dallas. I’m sure some day we’ll take you up on that! And you can bet I’ll do my level best to get him back here in May (even though it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be able to get more time free from work - sigh).

Twisty, pucker up, babe, I’ll give you a lemon! :wink:

And fierra:stuck_out_tongue:

The luckiest woman in the world!
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Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

Another great place is La Luna Negra in Old Town Pasadena, on Green Street. It’s a tapas bar–prices are reasonable and the sangria is tasty–plus, you’ve got Colorado Boulevard for pub-crawling and shopping.

I really hope I can go, this sounds like it’s going to be fun.