A pox on my un-laws.

Potter’s father had a stroke on Thursday night. We have no idea what the prognosis is.

In the meantime his mom is having a nervous breakdown. Tom is her only source of support. And that’s because his sibs are refusing to come and do anything.

Some of them say it’s too expensive, which is a pathetic lie; others just don’t feel like it. To review, their father is at death’s door, and Tom is all alone dealing with it. (Of course, Tom was the one who got kicked out of the house at age 16 for being a homo, and has since reconciled.)

At this point, the fact that Tom might not be able to come see me for après-Valentine’s as planned is the least of my worries. More importantly, he’s on the verge of burning out, he has no support. My sunflower is losing his mind and I’m stuck here.

Listen up, you dicksicles:


If it were my father and mother and brother, I would be on a plane if I were in Tajikistan. As it is I’m trying to persuade Tom to fly me up there so I can give him someone to lean on.

I don’t know on what planet simply ignoring that situation is acceptable behaviour, you shitmonkeys. GO HELP MY BOYFRIEND. NOW. OR I WILL HURT YOU.


Wow, that really sucks. Family should be there for each other in times like this. What kind of people can’t make time to support their family in crisis? Have you met his family before? Are they always like this? At least he has you in his life. Go be with him, he’ll need someone to look after him sometimes.

I hope Potter’s father recovers and I’m glad he has reconciled with his parents.

Good Lord. Unless I’m told during a family emergency NOT to make the trip, I make it! A few years ago my tough-as-nails great-grandmother had pneumonia and we all thought she was going to die. (How many 95-year-old women recover from THAT???) So the whole FAMILY packs up and goes to Fort Worth. That’s just what you DO, dammit!

(personal obligatory brag: she’s going to be 102 next month and is doing fine!)

I simply do not understand this behavior. Assmonkeys.

Well Matt, when my grandmother was dying of cancer, her daughter (my aunt), only managed to visit her twice. She’s a 40 minute drive away.

She just couldn’t deal with it. My Grandma was upset, my Mom was upset, the rest of the family was upset; however, ultimately, the only one that lost out was my Aunt, because she never really got to see her mom before she died.

Some people take bad news, file it under “This Can’t Possibly Be True” and then stick their head in the sand.

I hope your sweety is ok. I hope you’re ok too.

matt, can you go with your sweetie to support him during this time?

You mentioned that Potter had been kicked out of the house as a teen when he Came Out. Although he has since reconciled, have the others had a Falling Out with the father that they have not reconciled? Is is possible that they don’t care to see him?

**matt, ** I wish there was something we could do. If nothing else you can unload here and lean on us, so you will be easier dealing with this mess. If *you * are calm, odds are you can make your friend feel better. let us know if you need to talk privately.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

poor potter.

i’m thinking of all 4 of you, and wishing good things.

Thanks, folks.

I keep telling myself that when this is all over, he’s going to get the Mother of All Ear Sex. Including pheasant feathers, Japanese knotwork, 120-thread-count sheets, Nuttella, and a harem of supple Maltese pleasure boys.

But until then, it’s pretty cold comfort. :frowning:


I wish things were going better for you, Potter.

Email from Potter:

too tired for a smilie

{{{matt and Potter}}}}

What a mental picture!

Oh, brother, it so often happens; one sibling who does everything and the rest diddly. Best wishes, friend…

Oh c’mon matt. What’s all this about supporting your bf through a difficult time or caring about his father dying or his mother grieving? Everybody knows Family Values ™ play no part in the Gay Agenda ™. We all know it’s about weird anonymous sex and here you are implying it’s about love and commitment :rolleyes:
But seriously, I think if you’re able to go there at this point, go, and tell him it’s not up to him if you decide to help him help his mother.

And hang in there. Both of you.

matt, that really sucks. I can’t believe the shit some families pass off as love.

My aunt pulled some shit like that. My grandfather (THE coolest man on earth or any other planet) found a great girlfirend at the end of his life (of course, we didn’t know that then, ha ha). She was way younger (a swinging 65 or so!) and he loved her and they had a blast together. He seemed younger than his 81 years when he was with her.

To make a long story short, they figured “why pay rent twice”, gave up his retirement condo and moved in together in her place. My born-again Fundy aunt had this to say TO HIS FACE- “Well, I’m just so sorry that the rest of us won’t see you in Heaven, since living together is against God” or some similar nonsense.

WHAT?!? You fucking bitch! I could never tell my father he was going to hell, and besides that woman is the best thing to happen to him in years.

He died before she could take it back. Not that she would have.

Screw 'em, they are assholes. Support Potter as best you can from a distance, and get your ass up there as soon as you can.

You are a great boyfriend!

If I were your grandfather, I would have said, “You’re not too old for me to slap you across the jaw for THAT one, Missy! AND you’re breaking a commandment!”


Me too. However, being the gentleman he was, he probably just smiled and chose to say nothing.

A bit more good news: