A year in MMPs – some statistics and stuff

To save the hampsters and to satisfy your curiosity, I did a search of the MMPs of 2007, going back to Jan 1, when our favorite **BusDude ** got us started.

The starters, listed by quantity:

**swampy ** – SIX – apparently he has less of a life than the rest of us.
**MamaTigs ** – 5
**Me ** – 5, including this one
At 3, we have: Haze
With 2 OPS each:BooFae
And our single starters, including a few surprise guest starters:Dotty
Sage Rat
(why did he leave us??)
MBG, who, as I mentioned, got us all started.
The longest MMP was started by **MamaTigs ** – it garnered 623 posts

The shortest MMP came to us from **Shadow ** – hitting a mere 268 posts.

Both of them had to do with yarn - go figure… (like the topic really matters :rolleyes: )

So, what did we talk about this past year? Um, what didn’t we talk about?? Sheesh, this is the MMP – it’s like a never-ending cocktail party/group therapy/bitchfest/pajama party/coffee break. We’ve had good times and not-so-good times, silly and serious, richer and poorer, in sickness and in health – dang – it’s like we’re all married. To each other. Why do I find that disturbing, and yet … provocative?? :wink:

We started the year on a Monday, and that’s how we end it. For some of us, 2007 has been mighty sucky and will not be missed. Here’s hoping that for all of us, 2008 will bring more smiles than frowns, more good times than bad, a little good, clean fun in room 304, and a lot of hugs when needed or just because. And most of all, let’s hope someone hits a big lottery jackpot and flies us all to a massive MMP-Fest, because that would just be too cool.

*Goodbye, 2007. Happy New Year, Mumpers! *

<flinging confetti with wild and reckless abandon while tooting a tinny horn>

Yay! First, for a change!

::throws confetti and eats a cookie::

Happy (almost) New Year, MMP!

I’m going back to bed now. :smiley:

hmph - I spent so long editing my last post, I ran out of time…

Very interesting OP, FCM, I suppose by now I should have realised Swampus would be the one having the most to say for himself!

I can hardly believe it’s new year’s eve again, seems like the year has gone by so fast - but I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. Although my year hasn’t been all that icky, it’s had enough down moments to outshine the good stuff.

Yesterday evening we got back from our trip to Scotland to see ‘im indoors’ family. Fun, but not fun, in a way - fun because it’s nice to see people again and catch up with the general lunacy of his family, but not fun because it’s a 650mile round trip and takes about 7hrs each way. Bear in mind the fact that I don’t sleep at all well at the best of times, when I’m in unfamiliar surroundings and feeling stressed then I get less sleep than ever. So usually the drive is done in a semi-panic because I’m worried about being able to concentrate for that length of time with all the other idiot drivers on the roads, and wanting to get to where I’m going before it gets really dark because I hate driving at night. Oh, and did I mention the downpours of biblical proportions?

Anyway, we had a good time and survived the trip. Now we’re home and having a day of relative peace (although I was up and out of bed by 9am and have got a load of laundry on, and washed the car) before we head out to a party tonight. We’re staying over with our friend Hazel (N O Haze) 'cos she’s been looking after the fuzzbutts while we’ve been away. That means tomorrow we’ll be bringing them back home with us - strange how empty the house seems without them in it.

Happy 2008, Mumpers!

Wow, Master Ribald. That was quite the impressive ‘first’ there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meaningless trivia – each of the colored (no, not that kind of colored!! what is this, the deep South in the first half of the 20[sup]th[/sup] century or sumtin…?) mumpers who had any OPs this year, had exactly three.

It doesn’t get any more meaningless than this… :smack:

Happy New Year, y’all!!


Are you referring to the link in the old MMP?

Hey, didn’t I do this research?!

**Spec1 ** - I noticed the colorful aspect of the 3-starters and almost commented on it, but it seemed too mundane, even for an MMP…

**bbs ** - I know you did some MMP research, but I don’t recall you breaking down the last year of OPs. If you did, then why the heck did I do it all over again?? Riddle me that, Batman!!!

I haven’t started caffeinating - I’m thinking about going back to bed - it’s still way dark here. On the other hand, I don’t want to get used to sleeping in, because that’ll make going back to work on Weds so much more miserable. And no matter what I do, I should brush my teeth - I’ve got some serious morning mouth going on here. But if I brush, then by default, I’ll be awake - it’s a Pavlovian thing.

I need to stop over-thinking this before my head explodes. I think I’ll brush my teeth, then caffeinate. There. Decision made. Now, I trust the Breakfast Fairy is enroute…
(is it bad that I got this mental image of **swampy ** in a tutu bringing me a to-go platter from the Waffle House?? Yeah, that’s pretty bad…)


Mama, coming from someone who broke it down myself, I can appreciate the effort. You’ve written a good MMP.

Happy New Year!


Actually, you did a lot more work than I did. I merely did a search for all of my posts in MPSIMS for the last year, copied the search results to a document, deleted the non-MMP threads, and counted the rest by OP. I don’t think, start to finish, I spent an hour.

My toofies are Crestfully clean. I’m thinking some caffeine and maybe some toast would be nice about now, since my Breakfast Fairy fantasy ain’t gonna happen. **FCD ** got up long enough to ask me what was wrong. (Wrong? Just because I’m awake and on line in the ungodly dark of the morning on a day off - what could be wrong??) He’s back asleep. Bernie is crashed on the floor behind me. The kitteh has bothered me at least 3 times - I’m wondering now if she’s hungry? Scruffy has not yet roused herself.

Oh yeah, speaking of Kitteh - today is 2 years that she’s lived with us. All was wonderful for her till Scruffy moved in. It’s tough to be a feline and live with a psycho canine.

And on that note - breakfast, of sorts…

: throw cookies and eats confetti:
Wait, I did that wrong, didn’t I.

I’m ending 2007 like I ended 2006. I’m working all day, then going to a hockey game and the after party.

Great OP, FCM!
Happy New Year Mumpers!!!

doggio, you work too doggone much. You need a SugarMama so you can slack off a bit. Maybe our collective goal for 2008 should be to set you up, ya think??? :wink:

Then we can have a new slogan for the year:

MMP - pimpin’ for our mumpers, because we care, dammit!
Whaddya think - a bit much?

Cool OP, FCM! I still haven’t made it back to your research to proof, bbs2k. Maybe during one of my early morning surffests this week…

We’ll be off in a few hours to celebrate the New Year with friends. We always have a big sleepover party (no, not that kind - we all just stay over because it would be irresponsible to drink and drive; also, it’s fun to have our first breakfast of the year together).

Happy New Year!!!

::Please imagine confetti here::


P.S. Love the new slogan, FCM

Hi, you east-of-my-location folks, and happy new year! My cat is still ill and it makes me just anxious enough that I can’t quite stay asleep. I’ve checked all of my outstanding packages on line (no changes), added a couple of books on goodreads, looked at the anti-DHL diatribe on Amazon’s Gold Box customer comment page, and written a response to a thread about lawyers here that I then deleted. I’d love to polish off the two books I’m about done with and do my book statistics, but I also have to do some work work as well. Tonight my partner is making an Italian beef stew to celebrate getting a new crock pot for Christmas; on New Year’s Day I’ll make black-eyed peas and greens. This year I’m cooking fresh mustard and collard greens with bacon, so that will be interesting. I can’t find a traditional New Year’s entree, so I’m going with the pig theme and making a pork loin.

Have a great time, everyone.

I’m married to Lunch?

Oh boy. Somehow I think that would freak Mom out even worse than the idea of me being married to a bunch of women and the occasional gay bear. Maybe I should tell her? “Hey MOM! I’m married to an atheist Jew who’s married to a jealous jewess and they’ve got kids! And no, his wife doesn’t know it!”

Is it January 7th yet? Not only will the holidays be over by then, but Mom is leaving on a 10-day trip with her best friend… I can’t wait to be able to pack up the decorations and recover my desk from under the Nativity.

Love the religious reason for the holidays, hate the family and food aspects. Haven’t gotten sick yet, I’m amazed.

Hmmmm… Somebody spends time researchin’ who’s done what on the MMP for an entire year and then has the noive to accuse moi for not havin’ a life?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: In my defense, I would have had five but week before last, I think, I did an emergency one because we didn’t have one. So, I was the Mumper who saved the MMP. I foresee a tv special.

Up and caffienatin’ here. Actually been up a while. Ol’ y’all know who decided he’d go in and check up on some stuff at work, even though he’s still on vacation. So, sweet lil’ ol’ me made him brekkies. Yes, he spent the night here. Anywho, he says he’ll be back by noon.

Pretty soon Ima start cookin’ for tomorrow. I need to make a ‘nanner puddin’, cook the greens and the peas. Shoshana mustard and collard greens go good together. MMMMMM… I’m just doin’ collards though.

Ok, time for a bit more caffiene to kick me into cookin’ mode.

Later Y’all!

Good morning, y’all, and Happy New Year-to-be to ya.

Had trouble sleeping last night, as in I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 o’clock. And me and the Mrs. have a party to go to tonight. Maybe I can get out of work early today and take a nap before we go.

And as my own public service announcement: If you haven’t submitted your 2008 Dead Pool list yet, you’ve only got until midnight CST tonight to do so.

Have a good day. And good statistics work there, Mom and bb2k. I failed statistics twice.

At the risk of earning my latest nickname, I should point out that in some cultures, marriages aren’t valid until consummated… (d&r)

**Shoshana **(welcome to the MMP BTW!) – if’n you’re making pork already, then as one Atheist Jew to another, I suggest you go whole hog (:p) and throw something dairy in to the mix… :smiley:

That includes Catholic Church definitions, but so long as the reasons for the no-consumation are, say, force majeure, the marriage isn’t invalid pre-consumation either.

A smallish sea and that jealous wife count as force majeure and then some. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cook the other kind of lunch.