After much deliberation.......

Well not really all that much. :smiley:

Anyway having realised that I’m in the company of well mannered, erudite, articulate beings I decided to cough up and join.

Even as I type my dosh is winging its way across the pond to Uncle Sam.
Now all I have to do is fathom out the bolding/underlining and all the other little goodies which are mine, the following are tests>>>>>

** well lordy me*

Welcome aboard!

You just wait riiiiggght there! We’ll be back shortly with the …aaah… “official” welcome party!

Get the goat, the blindfold, and the hummus! Quick! :wink:

So we’re not using the pogo stick and the duct tape? Man, we’re getting lax!

Welcome aboard, chowder. Try to keep your legs crossed at all times, and by all means, stay away from the sheep dip!.

Welcome aboard! I hope you don’t mind that every time I see your name, I’m going to have a Freddy Quimby tirade running through my head.

Now then, if you’ll just take your position over there (yes, there…on the large red “X”), we can get this initiation under way.

Say it, Frenchy! Say “chowder”!

Ooo, another Brit Doper. Me loves Brit Dopers.

Welcome to the boards, chowder!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same thought


Chow-dah. :smiley:

Welcome, and all that. You aren’t allergic to seafood, are you? Or Angora?

Have a margarita! (It will help with what comes along later, I promise.) And try not to step on the cats. They do tend to be underfoot a bit.


Allergic to seafood? moi?

Not at all, how do you think I got my handle, fell in love with clam chowder when in Rhode Island…I’d kill for some but we don’t have it here in England :frowning:


Wrong board dude. We’re not mannered nor erudite. And you can stick your fucken articulation right up your bum.


Ha! Fooled another one!

Pass the cheap beer and corn nuts. When’s the initiation start?


Always nice to see a new face. :slight_smile:

Sounds kinky. :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

Hold on there a moment, bub. :dubious:

Before we let you join – what color was the chowder?

Hello chowder. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Oooo, good one.

Welcome, Chowder!

Do we need a fresh squid yet?

Welcome aboard Chowder

It’s nice to see that you have such a high opinion of the SDMB membership.

Yes, we enjoy discussing Shakespeare, Spinoza, Bertrand Russell, Wrestle Mania III, the latest Monster Truck Rally (will Fordzilla™ finally be overthrown?) …
oops - sorry there :smack:
… we’ve sold global warming, found a cheap, non-polluting, unlimited energy source, and we … hey wait a minute - we’ve got his money right?
Okay, we can let down the pretense. :smiley:

You should fit in well here.

Um, you should know by now that the first rule of initiation is: “You don’t talk about initiation.” The second rule of initiation is: “You DO NOT talk about initiation.”

The third rule is to welcome the newest vict… er, member into the fold. Greetings, chowder!