Anybody want to hide from elections and financial talk? Come on in!

I had a very nice dinner today - chicken with hot sauce and teriyaki sauce (hot teriyaki sauce is sooooo good), and ceasar salad. With a big cupcake for dessert.

The weather today was unbelievably beautiful.

We have our house almost fixed up - just about three biggish projects left to do this winter.

I absolutely love this video of some Korean kid playing Canon Rock on the electric guitar.

There’s a thread with pictures of tiny little day old kitties in it.

And you?

I’m chillaxing on the couch surfing the Dope, with The Rachel Zoe Project on tv, and a purring cat next to me. Next up is some peppermint ice cream with a frozen Thin Mint. I’ve had worse nights.

I managed to hire myself an assistant today, and I got some really tasty cheese.

Yeah, OK! This Saturday, I attended the wedding of my former coworker, my young assistant. She’s gone on and got her Master’s in Enviromnental Planning, and married a great Bonus guy, who’s going into Urban Planning as well. I love her to pieces; she’s smart, sweet and elegant. The wedding was amazing and a great example of two smart people with creativity.The lovely bride came to her former workplace and cut flowers and did the arrangments herself, stunning. Cupcakes: They diid the wedding cake as a cupcake tower instead , with several varieties, all delicious.

I was thinking, during the celebration: “Here is all this collapse and crap around us, but these great smart young folks are going ahead in all love and good faith” They were beautiful, and it gave me hope.

On another turn, went to a sculptor friend’s new bar venture. Wow, it was gorgeous, just great atmosphere , with his sculpture, and other’s artwork. It’s a great place, a community bar: he’s put his whole heart in it, did all the woodwork and tables, lighting fixtures. It made me smile to see how great it was, a work of art that’s meant to be a pub space.

Life goes on, with great hopes.

I had a nasty day - distractions, meetings and idiots.

Now I’m doing some work, and am watching the Sox try to give me a heart attack by not getting some runs.

Mmm, spicy hot teriyaki…that sounds good. We had a lovely day here. It was nice and sunny with a breeze and highs in the mid-60’s. Sweet. I spent most of the day working on my “Panama Canal” project. Then I made some linguini with sardine-garlic sauce, which I had with some merlot for dinner.

I saw this cool skull sculpture on the 20th, when I went to a wedding.

I found out today that I’m HIV negative, my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight are a bit high, but not too bad. The Aspens are turning in the mountains. A pretty lady wants to spend time with me and another pretty lady might actually mate with me. That’s a solid :smiley: day in my book.

and IIIIIII feeeell fiiiiiiiine:)

I’m waiting for a pint of ice cream to soften enough to eat. It’s a new B&J’s flavor I haven’t tried before called Karamel Sutra. Sounds yummy.

We started replacing the floor in the kids’ bathroom …

(no matter how much I cleaned, the room still stunk like a tiger. It turns out that three boys can miss pretty badly and it went under the linoleum)

… almost finished, except the kids’ dad seems to think they don’t need the toilet or the radiator reconnected. Floor’s really clean though.

Oh, may I, please? Thank you!

I had a horrible, rotten, terrible, very bad day, and I just can’t bring myself to continue the horror by eating worms this evening. Focusing on the positive will help my bad attitude.

I live indoors, and can afford to eat. I have two sworn enemies (aka cats) purring on each hip. Since the daughter of a friend’s neighbor called, I do have 2 canine houseguests, rather than two newly adopted dogs, one of which is pregnant. I have the SDMB to distract me, a glass of wine, and a loving husband. I have no dentist appointments for a week, and an utterly frivolous book (The Cat Who did somedamnthing) awaiting me for presleep reading. And (perhaps best of all) nobody barfed, pooped, or delivered puppies on my carpet today.

Yep, while today was, like totally majorly sucky, and tomorrow is apt to be worse . . .

Life is Good. :smiley:

Sunday we took the niece to see animals at Mackenzie Center in Poynette. They have a nice little assortment of animals, and it’s nothing like a big zoo. Most are injured and incapable of living long in the wild. She’s almost 2 years old, and always likes animals. She was flipping out with excitement at every new animal we saw.
First the Bison. then a couple deer. The coyotes were next, followed by a white wolf. We passed the mountain lions, two hawks, a kestrel, turkey vultures, the one winged american eagle, a snowy owl, and the great horned owl. Then we passed the side of the badger enclosure. The niece is freaking out with excitement. I tell her badger. She starts up with badger badger badger. This was on the way to the river otter and a raccoon. The otter was very active and curious. It did it’s best to be near us and entertain. On the way back we visit the front of the badger enclosure. This was a nice active badger that was fun to watch for a while and of course this was her favorite animal yet. We took a very quick trip to see the martin and skunk. They always stink so bad I’d skip them entirely if it was up to me. We left and pass the mountain lions on the front side. She doesn’t really care for them. We went close to the deer so she could be a couple feet away from a doe. The buck had a large rack like usual.

We walk to the next area and visit the log cabin with the logging tools. Next stop was the portable lumber mill and the 250 year old pine log by it. I tried to enter the building with the mutant animals that are mounted. It was closed already, but it was still the hours it should have been open. I wanted pictures of the hermaphrodites, albinos and malformed extra appendage mutants. The one thing I hate about this place is the displays are all getting really old. they were nice in the 60’s. I would like to see at least a pictorial archive of this animals taken and put online.

This site also has many trails and is a large production center for pheasants. We got back to the car and drove to where the pheasants are close to the road. I took a number of pictures. The niece liked the pheasants, but they weren’t a badger. We left after 2 hours of walking, and within 2 minutes of leaving the niece was sleeping. I have to say I was glad a kid can run at that age and I only have to walk fast to hold her hand. In a year or two I won’t be doing that.

I’ve spent most of the evening listening to a cd by Geoffrey Oryema. It’s a cd I bought back in grad school when I was worried about the future, and I haven’t listened to it in years. It popped into my brain a couple of days ago, and it’s been very soothing. Turned on the iTunes visualizer tonight, turned out the lights, and watched all the pretty colors wave and spin across the computer screen.

And now I’m headed for bed a bit early. Warm and cozy sounds like a good state to be in tonight.

Sox win!!

I finally stop bitching about how messy my apartment is and actually did some cleaning, spurred on by the knowledge that I’ll probably have new roommates moving in by the weekend and I don’t want them to think that I’m a total slob(of course, the current state of the bathroom won’t help my case on that front). I also took advantage of the fact that I’m the only person currently living in the apartment who uses the fridge to throw out everything that isn’t mine. I honestly think that I threw out some stuff that was over 2 years old – yuck. Bad things happen when I’m the cleanest person in a household.

:: slams door to keep the youknow out ::

Ahh. President’s Choice brand Vanilla Bean ice cream. Exquisite.

:: relaxes ::

That’s my favorite YouTube video. Did you notice he’s coming up on 50,000,000 views? 50 million!

The toy piano version is also captivating.

Thank you, featherlou; for the distraction. A thousand blessings on you and yours!

My middle daughter is coming down from Portland for her 30th birthday tomorrow. She’s bringing my youngest grandson (and my namesake) with her, along with my son-in-law whom we rarely see. We should have at least 30 people for the party, and I’m stoked! A good time will be had by all, I’m sure.

I had a professional trainer out to school my new dressage horse, and my pony got very high marks from the trainer. It would seem I didn’t buy a pig-in-a-poke after all. Life is good, and thank you featherlou for the reminder.

I’m reminded of a saying my aged grandmother used to say to me. “Life isn’t what you want it to be, what you remember it to be; but what happens today. Live accordingly.”

Watching some tube, surfing the Dope, about to eat some black bean soup, and putting September behind me. Also working up the nerve to go run again in the morning even though my knees hurt like bejubus last time. I made a promise to myself and I’m not going to break it. I might have to crawl the damn 5K, but I’m doing it.

I’m calling all of my friends to make sure that they vote: Are double breasted suits haute couture again (Yea) or not (Nay).
Polls favor undecided, but mine is the tie-breaker.


The lovely black suit is, of course, an old one from the early 90s, but, if it isn’t in style now, it soon shall be, once I start wearing it.

I saw Righteous Kill yesterday with my mother.


A thousand blessings! Alright!

Mmm, bean soup. We’re almost into the season of warm comfort food and warm comforters again - two things I love about cold weather.

I think double-breasted is back again. I know those dweebie three-button tight 50’s suits are in, but they make everyone wearing them look like a fool, so I’d say go for the double-breasted.