Anyone heard from Eve?

She was going to be gone for a week or so on personal issues and that was before the board announcement about going to a subscription basis (we were surely denied some great comments on all the angst that generated…she has lousy timing). But I would have expected to see her back by now. Any NY dopers have any news?

Eve called me this past weekend. She’ll be returning to the board as soon as possible. She sends her regards to all.

Maybe her return is contingent upon some ribbing.

So she is reverting back to the original design? :eek:

Lieu, whose tail are you whipping in your sig?

Only the hyperthetical.

She’ll know about the board change. I sent here an e-mail on it a few days ago, and I assume that she’ll read her new e-mail before she goes here.

Thanks, I needed a laugh.

Had to put my mother in an Old Folk’s Home.

It’s more complicated than that–it’s a (hugely expensive) highly recommended assisted-living complex, in her neighborhood. She had a stroke in October and was in the hospital with pneumonia for most of February, and it just wasn’t safe for her to live alone anymore. Living with me was no solution–I’d be at work all day, and there is no way I would move her out of her hometown. Can’t afford to just quit my job and move back with her–at my age? in this economy?–and besides, I’m not a trained nurse.

So this had to be done–and all in one week. I’ll go down there as often as possible to visit and help her settle in (once a week at first, then once a month). I know (I hope!) this was the right thing–she’s as depressed and pissed-off and confused as anyone would be in her situation. Her moans of “my daughters are putting me in a hooooome!” have settled down a bit, but she still hates the place and her loss of independence. And, I’ve had to put my best friend in an Old Folk’s Home.

I’ve had a constant stomach-ache since October, and still my doctor won’t give me laudanum. I had better take after my father’s side of the family and drop dead at 60.

I figured you were plopped in front of the TV, tuned to TV Land, slack-jawed over the Green Acres repeats. :wink:
Just kidding…
Sorry about your mom. Hope she’s doing okay.

I’m very sorry, Eve. I know how you feel; mine had to go into one about a year ago, and it just bites all around.

On the up side, she no longer lives above the tobacco fiends in her old apartment building, so I hope that alone helps her breathe easier.

“Laudanum! Isn’t that habit forming?” (100 points)

Dammit, you’re not allowed to die until you impart the whole of your film knowledge to me in a roundabout, mildly dramatic way in a series of my silent movie threads! :smiley:

I shouldn’t whine–there have been so many sick and/or dying parent threads here (including two right on this page as I type). Your parents get old and sick and die, that’s the way life is supposed to work. And now at least if anything happens to me, she’ll be looked-after. Old age sucks, even for the wealthy–I have several friends in their 80s and 90s and they all tell me “don’t do it.”

My Mom lived in Miami Beach during WWII and nightclubbed with the Navy every night; she treated herself to a trip to Hawaii to celebrate her divorce; she saw me through my “troubles” back in the ‘70s; she was a high school administrator for 30 years and was the kids’ “agony aunt” (more high-schoolers came out to her–one presented her with a set of Tales of the City; she taught me NEVER to go outdoors without lipstick on and that nothing coordinates with dark blue.

Now she’s in an Old Folk’s Home, can’t even take an aspirin without permission and is still finding her way around the hallways and how to make the a/c work. She told me, “Last night I dreamed I was well again, then I woke up . . .”

It’s too late for me to die young, but middle-aged, for sure.

Wow. I have never heard that. Regardless, good luck.

Tough times, Eve – hope your mom adjusts quickly. This:

tells me she’s a hell of a gal. Here’s some good wishes for both of you.

I came home today to find three bits of niceness waiting for me: an offer for a book contract; a videotape of a documentary I appeared in as a talking head late last year; and a phone message from another filmmaker who might want me for a documentary on Theda Bara.

And all I can do is sit here doubled up with cramps because I just talked to Mom, and she’s nauseated and doesn’t know how to call the nurse’s station. (And yes, I realize I sound like I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself when she’s the one going through all the awfulness: I envy people who can just “not worry” about their friends and relatives.)

Eve – no hugs, per your previous request – just “best wishes, hang in there.”

Eve, I remember your closeness to your mom from past comments. Here’s wishing her comfort and tranquility in her new environs, and acceptance for you as well.
“… and still my doctor won’t give me laudanum.”
Heh, you’re our chuckleberry.

I hope she finds someone there to be friends with. Even the worse seeming places are better with friends. She is lucky to have a daughter like you.

That’s the saddest thing I’ve read in a while.
You did the right thing. Don’t let it gnaw at your gut like this.

Jeez Eve - lots of good and bad in one fell swoop. You’re getting pulled around quite a bit. So sorry to hear about your mom - we are gearing up to face that on both sides of my marriage.

Congrats on the book and film work - very very cool.

Eve, I’m still waiting on you to sock my beezer.

Welcome back.