Are You Voting For Your Guy Or Against The Other Guy? Be Honest.

I’m reading quite a lot about how folks, mostly Republicans, are not so much voting for Romney as against Obama. Of course there are Democrats who are also voting against Romney.

Take me, for example. I’m not really all that enamored with Obama; he hasn’t been a horrible president, not by a long shot, but I’ve somewhat soured on the Compromiser in Chef bit. A Romney presidency. on the other hand, scares the crap out of me mostly because of what the Republican party has become so, if I’m being honest, I’m really voting against Romney.

So, again, are you voting for your guy or against the other guy? Please state who your guy is and a rationale for your position.

I was going to ask the mods to close this as I see there’s already a similar poll. However, it is only polling Obama voters and I’m interested in both Obama and Romney voters,

Both. Can’t stand Obama, he’s gotta go. Provided the Republicans (or another party) put up someone decent (Romney wasn’t my first choice but oh well), I’m gonna vote for NotObama.

That said, I think Romney will actually push to pass a damn budget if he gets elected (which is a huge hot button issue with me because it directly affects my workplace), so I’d probably vote for him even if the current POTUS were someone other than Obama.

There’s NO reason any conservative should like or trust Mitt Romney, a lifelong liberal who’s incredibly unconvincing when he tries to sound like a right winger.

But what’s the alternative? The Right will get what it wants from Romney SOME of the time. It won’t get anything from Obama.

For my guy (Obama), against the other party. I don’t really have much against Romney.

Against the Mittster.

For Obama, who much more closely matches my political point of view. Which is a lot closer to Dennis Kucinich’s, so you take what you can get.

I liked Obama more than the GOP from the beginning of this election. I thought I was voting for him. However, even as my liking of him increased, the GOP has sunk into such a spectacular and steep freefall into insanity that I now dislike them much more than I like Obama. Had they stayed sane, I would be voting for Obama. But I’m voting against the GOP and Romney more likely

Both. I feel Obama has been a good, centrist President in the mode of George H.W. Bush. I think Romney would probably be an okay President, also probably a centrist despite his absurd primary rhetoric. I cannot give the Republicans my vote because the core of the Congressional Republicans seem to be intractable extemists. I see Michelle Bachman, Louis Gohmert, etc, and get ill. My vote is against them more than it is against Mitt Romney.

I am voting for Romney.

I couldn’t care less about social conservative issues, so Romney’s lack of credibility in that area is practically a plus.

I think the country needs someone who understands what it is like to run and grow a business. The Bain Capital attacks are meaningless drivel from people who don’t understand economics and think we can all live in a magical fantasy land where everyone gets paid tons of money and there is no competition. I think it’s great that Romney was involved in making decisions to fire people and offshore jobs, because it means that as President, he will have direct knowledge of what America needs to do to remain competitive globally.

Obama has no significant private sector experience. I voted for him in 2008 because I thought he was smart enough for this not to matter. Obviously, I was wrong.

In short - I think the the US needs a president with private sector experience who will make smart decisions in the best interest of the entire country. I think Romney is closer to this ideal than Obama.

As President, Barack Obama is a fucking joke, easily the ineffectual POTUS in my lifetime, a guy who has no business leading a local school district, nevermind the country with the largest economy on Earth.

That said, Mitt Romney as President would undoubtedly destroy the middle class forever, creating a vast, permanent underclass of service droids, while further lining the pockets of his billionaire buddies at the expense of everyone else.

It’s a Goddamn crying shame that these two jackasses are who we are forced to choose between, but to me it’s crystal clear—Obama, the well-meaning incompetent over Romney, the Aristocratic Asshole.

Both. I like Obama a lot…and I detest Romney.

I have already voted for Obama. I think he has done the best job possible given the roadblock mentality of the Republican House. I was a moderate independent up until 2004; I voted about evenly for Republicans and Democrats. In 2008 I registered as a Democrat for the first time. The anti-science, anti-intellectual Republican party has left me far, far behind. I voted straight ticket D for the first time in my life in 2008. I did the same this year. The Republicans are against just about every thing I believe in.

I’m voting against Mitt Romney. I voted for Obama in 2008 and I’m disappointed (albeit NOT particularly at his handling of the economy), but I firmly believe that Romney is both an indifferent-to-incompetent administrator (why yes, I am from Massachusetts, why do you ask?) and a truly rotten human.

Both. Obama hasn’t been nearly as Left as I’d like, and he missed golden opportunities to ram through legislation in the name of “compromise.” But Romney is the Anti-Christ. The Republicans must be stopped at all costs before they crater the US into 3rd World status in my lifetime.

I love Obama but I hate what Romney stands for and intends to do more than I like Obama.

I would’ve voted for Obama anyway because the republicans and their anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-America stances since 2008 have proven to me they are never, ever fit to govern again. But Romney is just that bad that someone I like 80% is trumped by Romney who I am disgusted by to my very core.

For Obama, and both reasons, in a nutshell I do love what a poster on Reddit once said:

“Voting for Romney because you don’t think Obama has fixed the economy fast enough is like firing the firefighter and putting the arsonist back in charge.”

Stop being misogynistic. I’m voting for my girl, Jill Stein.

Certainly voting against Obama. I’m pretty conservative, but the two liberal things he could have done that I’d have agreed with were to rein in the excesses of the security state and to dismantle the big banks - and he didn’t do either one. Romney won’t solve those problems either, but he also won’t put 15 million more people on food stamps.

Sigh. Obama didn’t put 15 million people on food stamps. He’s arguably (with the “help” of an obstructionist Congress) failed to get them off food stamps. And regardless, Mitt’s plan for getting people off food stamps is to cut off their food stamps. If you’re in favor of starving children, Mitt’s your guy.