Bad fake names.

In the final episode of ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ Alan was arrested by the police. When asked what his name is he said ‘Bill’. Then he was asked for his second name. ‘Car’. For some reason I find really bad fake names like ‘Bill Car’ amusing*. The kind that people without a creative bone in their body come up with on the spot.

There’s also the scene in simpsons where homer (at moes bar) comes up with a ridiculous fake name and the guy at the end of the bar (who happens to have that name) runs out crying. Can anyone remember what that name was?
And what other bad fake names have been used on TV.

And come up with your own.

[sub]*Or maybe it’s just the way Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) said it[/sub]

My name? Er… Doubtfire, ma’am.
IIRC, he was looking down at the newspaper at the headline was something like “Experts Doubt Fire Will Spread Out of Control”

Come up with my own Bad Fake Name? Well, I believe I did. About 11 months ago.

Wolf Blitzer… yeah, that’s his real name. :rolleyes:

Barney’s friend was Joey Jojo Jr. Shabadoo.

There’s a hilarious passage on the fake names for the men of the Witchfinder Army in Good Omens.

Whenever Phoebe on Friends needs a fake name, she uses (and I have no clue how to spell the last name) “Regina Felangee.”

That’s right up there with the “Art Vandelay” used by George on Seinfeld.

Yeah, I watch too much bad TV. I admit it.

Heh, Bill Car. In one of the Discworld books, where Death stops being Death and works as a farmhand for a while, his name is Bill Door.

The Simpsons thing is from 1F07, The Last Temptation of Homer, the episode with Mindy.


On an episode of Green Acres, Oliver and Lisa had somehow gained temporary charge of a bunch of kids and asked one boy his name. Looking through the food in the Douglases’ cupboards, the lad spotted a tin of “Paul’s Canned Franks” and replied: “Paul Frankcan”. When challenged on the obviously fake name, the youth espied a jar of “Carlos’s Hot Peppers” and was similarly unsuccessful in trying to pass himself off as “Carlos Hotpepper”.

Lobsang: Carr is a relatively common last name.

Wouldn’t that be BILL DOOR? :smiley:

Elfbabe’s grandpa Mercotan once took on the alias of Harry Roofshingle when questioned by police, back during the days of his youth.

In an episode of Danny Thomas’ “Make Room for Daddy”, Rusty gets caught by the police, or a school principal (it was a long time ago). Anyway, not wanting to give his real name he says it is Elvis Earp.
That sounds legit huh? LOL

I like Karen’s on “Will and Grace.” Anastasia Beaverhausen. Heehee.

I think the worst fake name you could possibly use is… Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

After all, most people probably couldn’t spell it, or pronounce it the same way twice. And even the morons who would fall for “Carlos Hotpepper” would stop and think “Hey, you look a lot different from how you do in the movies!”

I’ve been getting some good sender names on the spam sent to my junk mail file recently – I just deleted teh offer of a lifetime from “Browbeaten S. Harangued.”

Personally, I like the Right Reverend Ormley Gumfudgeon

In one of teh Animorphs books, Cassie, Marco and Rachel get caught by the army, and give fake names and phone numbers. (Marco gives his number as being 12345678, but that’s beside the point).

Cassie gives her name as being Cindy Crawford. The best part was, the guy didn’t clue in :smiley:

I once saw Jon Stewart interview Wolf Blitzer on The Daily Show. I think that was his first question.

JS: So…what’s your real name?
WB: It’s really Wolf Blitzer.
JS: Come on, man, you can tell me!
WB: No, it’s really my name.
JS: No it’s not.

It was pretty funny.

My favorite is when Mulder and Scully went undercover on an episode of The X-Files and Mulder gave their names as Rob and Laura Petrie.

These ones are the best.
Mysteries K. Gluttonous.
Jackanape Q. Fender-Bender
Sophistication R. Grape
Lagomorphous P. Killjoy.

On a recent episode, she had her name legally changed to “Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock”, but she let her friends call her Val.

saramamalana stole my favorite (“Anastasia Beaverhausen”), but I think my username here is a pretty terrible fake name. I was surprised when some took it to be my real name.

Guy Incognito