Big Bang Theory Returns tonight

As Ivylass tried to state in another thread:Big Bang Theory returns tonight

Thank Og too, because the mid-season replacement for it: Welcome to the Captain sucked in legendary ways.

As I said in my OP before the hamsters passed out again…I have warm fuzzies for this show. I missed it.

I love this show…looking forward to the new episode!

This is our favorite new show this year. I’m happy that the writers’ strike didn’t kill it. Can’t wait!

Almost forgot it’s starts back up tonight-thanks for the reminder! We love this show, too.

Awesome, I’ll probably watch it while it’s on.

Edit: …as opposed to letting my Tivo record it and watching it later…

Love this show. Thanks for the reminder.

Ivylass gets all the credit - the hamsters ate her post.

I figured we would talk this up again.

I am glad it is back too.

Also season 2 is confirmed.,0,7341122.story
I missed this show. I love how I can ““get”” this show, like a lot of other people ““get”” Idol, or something like that.

Smart and Funny Television.

Everything Idol isn’t

The opening scene with them using the internet to turn on the lamp had me screaming. How incredibly geeky can you get!

“There’s 20-25 people in there!”


“Among particle physicists, that’s like Woodstock!”

Anybody understand super solids?

No, but I made the mistake of trying to explain the spherical chickens in a vacuum joke to my wife. You see, they’re theoretical physicists…

Of course, some of the scientific stuff is nonsense, but there’s enough there, like the bit with the Internet-enabled lights (just because we can), to show that someone on the writing staff know what they’re talking about. I thought this show was funnier last night than How I Met Your Mother.

I didn’t get it either, but I assumed that we weren’t supposed to. The fact that everyone except Penny did is what made it funny.

Some of us manage to “get” both.

The laugh track is a bit… relentless, wot?

Yeah the laugh track is jarring indeed. For such a smart show, do they need to have that track?

My interpretation of the spherical chicken in a vacuum joke was that the physicists were setting things up that way to simplify the problem. Maybe I’m way off, I’m not a theoretical physicist.

This episode wasn’t the best, but the beginning was great and the fight between Sheldon and Leonard being posted on YouTube was funny.

I found this show by accident and loved it, for about ten minutes. The laugh track really pissed me off after a while and eventually drove me away. Maybe I’ll give it another try. It’s on after House this Thursday and it’s a bank holiday weekend, so I’ll be quite relaxed by the time it’s on.

Yeah, it was a pretty lame joke, at most it was somewhat witty. Real nerds wouldn’t give it more than a chuckle. Bad episode. The girl does have a nice ass though.

I interpreted the spherical chicken joke like this: A farmer had a real world problem, and needed a real-world solution. And that’s what he would have gotten had he consulted an applied physicist, or an engineer, or a vet, or almost anyone other than a theoretical physicist. However, a theoretical physicist was who he asked, and an abstract solution was what he got. Intellectually compelling, and probably revealing of a greater truth, but of no practical application in the immediate context of the question.

What made this funnier to me is that we’ve seen Leonard and Sheldon get in trouble several times this way. Remember when they tried to carry Penny’s furniture up the stairs, and got stuck trying to calculate the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane? Or when they tried to hook up her stereo? They could recognize this behavior in theory, but not in practice.

Also, has anyone checked YouTube to see if a video was actually posted?

Of course it is.
No mention of the show, though.
The description: “Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper square off during a presentation at the Topical Conference on Bose Einstein Condensates in Pasadena, California.”