Bought a set of buttplugs today

Got myself a nice set of decent sized buttplugs in getting ready for the Bernie/Hillary administration. Havent had much luck with the ladies lately but at least my govt will be there to f*ck me each day. Just forgot to grab some lube…

I’d suggest you not post drunk, but I’m not sure that would help.

Rants belong in The BBQ Pit, not in Elections.

Off you go.

At least it’s not a Donald Trump buttplug - that quiff looks as if it’d really hurt. If I had to make a choice, it’d be Hillary Clinton up my bumhole every day of the week.

How about some of these babies: (NSFW)

Remember William F. Buckley? Russell Kirk? A guy called Ike?

I miss the days when Conservatism had some manners.

A charmer like you? Shocking.

But I can be charitable and assume this thread was an attempt at humour.

Ya know the one about the constipated mathematician?

He worked it out with a slide rule.

Hmmmm…not a NEW join date. Color me wrong.

Also. If you title a thread like that, have the common goddamn decency to have ACTUALLY purchased and reviewed a set of buttplugs.

So you think there will be more financial assistance, medical insurance, and HIV treatment programs under a Republican administration?

Well, there will probably be fewer available condoms if he wants more unprotected sex…

He did write a review and then for some reason decided to sit on it.

Why does the OP need to buy a new set of buttplugs? Can’t he just use the ones he bought back in 1976 for Jimmy Carter, 1992 for Bill Clinton, or 2008 for Barack Obama?

Maybe the OP needs to admit this has nothing to do with politics. He just likes hanging around gay sex shops.

I, too, was really looking forward to reading a rant about an actual bad experience with butt plugs. Instead, it’s some tired political joke. Very disappointing.

On behalf of everyone here, I demand that you buy a set of butt plugs, fuck yourself in the ass with them, and report the experience here forthwith.

Since the OP is a student with limited financial means, he needs keep expenses down. Food can be expensive.

Stick to a beans and broccoli diet. Both are healthy for you. Plus, you can probably make some extra cash farting buttplugs at the local bar darts tournaments, or at construction sites breaking up rocks and old concrete.

I’m not sure why the OP needs buttplugs if he’s going to be anally fucked by government. How much can you fit up there?!?

Well he DID say he had a traumatic brain injury.


Asshole that big - the sky’s the limit!

So, Satan’s talking to the new guy, reassuring.

“Nah, that’s all a bunch of made up shit. Listen, you like drugs?”
“Yeah, sure, lots of 'em!”
“Well, OK, Monday is drug day, the works, the whole list, all day, no OD’s, no bring downs.”
“Wow! Cool!”
“Tuesday is gluttony day, everything to eat, never full, always more! By the by, are you gay?”
“No, no I’m not.”
“Oh. Well, you’re not much gonna like Friday”.