BSG - New Season starts Friday! *unboxed spoliers*

I havent seen any new threads about this, so here we go:

Adama was shot!

The President is arrested!

Apollo pulls a gun on Tigh!

Starbuck finds the arrow, then when learning…

Helo and Boomer…Boomer is pregs, Starbuck cries!

A crew stranded on Kobol, Baltar saved by Six

Anyone else as exicited as I am to see this?

Quite a few American SF fans were pleased to hear that the US is getting this season before the UK :wink:

I’ll hopefully be able to catch the repeat of this on Sky, the last few episodes were lost to my sister’s soap operas :rolleyes:

holy cow! dont they have some form of harsh punishment for a crime like this in Ireland? if not they should :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for this. I watched the special earlier this week and have been seeing the previews and it looks like things are going to get really interesting over the next few weeks.

Oh, and coming down the line in a couple of episodes:

Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro) as Admiral Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus

My prediction is that Starbuck, who is apparently the only competent pilot/officer on the fleet, will continue her role of jack-of-all-trades, including successfully operating on Adama, delivering all of Boomer’s various babies, discovering Earth, and successfully fighting off the entire Cylon fleet by squeezing on the spleen of her captured Cylon fighter. But she still won’t get to first base with Lee Adama.

Horsepucky! Doctor McCoy couldn’t deliver all of Boomer’s various babies.

tanstaafl: You wouldn’t lie about that spoiler, would you?

She turned down DS9 cause she didn’t want to be stereotyped. ^ :dubious: ^

Yep, I’m so ready. Let’s please all remember to respect our cousins across the pond by conscientiously using spoiler boxes, shall we? They did it for us in Season 1, after all.

The preview clips on the NBC reruns didn’t show anything significant, btw - unless you count: [spoiler]Adama didn’t necessarily die, even though Six tells Baltar he will. Dunno if Olmos has a new contract or not.

The blurb in today’s Daily Local Fishwrap says Roslin gets even more mystical and visionary this season, so apparently she *doesn’t * die, at least not right away. It also says Six *might * be knocked up by Baltar. Or maybe not.

The pressure of being both fleet commander and acting President gets to Tigh, and he starts drinking heavily again.[/spoiler]

Full article is right here (Note: Article contains spoiler from above.)

I was wonderng if they’d do their own version of that episode.

Okay, having read, the spoilers and posted links in this thresad, I have come to two conclusions:

I have to make a vow to remain spoiler free.

This season is going to rock!

I think theses are fairly safe bets:

Adama ain’t gonna croak. Ensign, Er, Admiral Ro won’t stay in charge. Let’s enter her in the “guest star death pool”.

You frackin’ frack! I was gonna start the season two launch thread later this afternoon. You frackin’ beat me to it, you mother fracker.


Well frack me!


Is “Out-fracking-standing” a split infinitive?

So say we all.

Well frak me! Judging by the spoiler info about the Pegasus story, Ron Moore not only reads the sci-fi message boards, but he’s more than willing to take our ideas, because that story sounds like it was lifted almost exactly from our speculations. Speculations that I was in on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Say what? Er, the frack are you talking about?

I’m just happy that we’ll (probably) get to see what one of the new battlestars look like.

Way back when BSG was just kicking off, and Ron Moore didn’t know whether the show would even be renewed, a lot of us (on the message boards were discussing whether Ron Moore could do a Pegasus story, and if so, how it would work. Based on the info in the spoiler articles linked to by tanstaafl, it sounds like he decided to go with it, and use the ideas we posted. Could be coincidence, but I doubt it. He, or his staff, monitors those boards and responds to questions, so it’s not a surprise his staff would also be reading the Pegasus threads.


Ahem, I mean


Oh, pardon me


Fuck, this is never going to work.