Bumping Uglies: A Game for the Whole Family!

Okay, maybe not the whole family. But it’s a pretty simple game nonetheless.

The challenge is to **post euphemisms for sex **(see the thread title for one example). Rules are as follows:

  1. Each post should contain** one and only one** euphemism.
  2. Once you’ve posted, **you must wait for at least one other person to post **before you post again.
  3. You must not repeat something that has been previously posted. I’m not intending to rule-lawyer things that are close-but-not-quite-the-same, but try to keep in the spirit of the game. And yes, this means you have to read the whole thread before posting.
  4. You can post well-worn euphemisms or make up your own, but if you’re making up your own we expect them to be recognizable as a sex euphemism without other context and not filled with nonsense words (i.e. don’t say “loading the U-Haul” or “flibbaging her in the gesput”, because the first could mean anything and the second is gibberish).

I’m guessing that the first page will be pretty easy to fill, the second page more of a challenge and by page 3 only the truly creative will still be in the game.

“Bumping uglies” is the first play. Your turn.

“Dancing the horizontal bop”

“Making the beast with two backs”

“Making the eight-legged aardvark”.

Making Whoopee

Playing “Hide the Salami”

Knockin’ boots.

off to play ‘alice in wonderland’

Hot beef injection.


leg over.

Testing the bedsprings

Grouse pinching on the moor!

Deploying your heat-seeking moisture missile.

Playing hide the salami

parking the bike.

Flying United

A bit of the old in-out, in-out

(from A Clockwork Orange)

polishing the rocket.

wait that’s masturbation.

going down the rabbit hole.