Commercials you don't hate

I’m not a big fan of Limu Emu, but I thought this one was pretty amusing.

I have that kind of reaction to pink flamingos, too.

The Experian Boost cow cracks me up every time.

Trekkers will love this old commercial I dug up on YouTube which has some very familiar faces.

Features William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan - and Jonathan Frakes.

I love it!

I remember watching that when it first aired!

I love the Subaru commercials with the dogs.

No Pets Allowed

Although, I’m a little :face_with_raised_eyebrow: that they left the cat in the car.

He was their pet, get it?

Yes, I get it, but it sends a bad message to leave your pet in the car. They can succumb very quickly to the heat, even with the windows rolled down part-way.

What gets me about that commercial is the puppy looking back at the cat. He seems so sad that his pet has to stay in the car.

I’m at an age where my wife has to explain the commercials for me.

The great ads were by Stan Frieberg:

I heard Stan Freberg speak at a music festival*. He explained that he started making commercials not as an advertising exec, but as an outraged consumer. He then showed the commercial that he hated enough to switch careers… cue old guy in lab coat dryly explaining “excess stomach bile”.

*Well, it was Bumbershoot in Seattle, which is music and comedy and theater and dance and spoken word. And cool posters…

My favorite Stan Freberg commercial. It’s a parody of a then-famous ad for Lark cigarettes in which smokers were asked to show their Lark packs as the William Tell Overture played. The music is also associated with the Lone Ranger.

Would it have been better to have a Swiss crossbowman show up to talk to the Lone Ranger?

This commercial from Geico motorcycle insurance. It shows a guy riding his motorcycle along a winding road. He wakes up from his daydream, and he’s a groundskeeper putting lines on a baseball field, and he realizes he’s laid a long meandering line all over the infield and the outfield.

Hey, at least he didn’t draw a giant penis! :grin:

And the other one too!