Do Chicks dig it?

What exactly do “Chicks” (woman obviously) dig? Or in other words, what is the best thing a guy can do to impress a woman?

I guess we’ll know it works if we get laid on the first date :smiley:

  1. Stop calling them chicks unless their parents are poultry.
  2. Stop trying to get laid on the first date.
  1. Pink. Chicks dig pink. Wear lots of pink.
  2. Shoes. Chicks dig shoes. Wear something fashionable like high heels.
  3. Feminine products. Be sure to douche before a date.

Seriously, listen to Mr. BS. Try respecting chicks as people rather than calling them chicks.

If you really are just looking to get laid, find a woman with low self esteem and treat her like crap. After all, the emotional abuse won’t affect you.

If you just want sex, try a prostitute. You’ll spend the same amount of money, but will save a lot of time. :wink:

Awwww Jeeez! Well, just forget it, then! Shit, that’s too much work! :smiley:

Beer: Not just for breakfast anymore.

While I often post with false macho-bravado around here, claiming that “chicks dig me” and whatnot, I have to echo the sentiments of those who have posted above.

Women are people, and they want to be treated as such.

As far as what women like, they also like someone who isn’t on the make, trying to get laid. Someone who will take an interest in what’s between their ears, rather than their thighs.

Women like a good, honest sense of humor, and someone who is well-rounded. Someone who can have an actual conversation about film or books or a variety of topics.

Will this help you get laid? I don’t know, but I treat my wife of 20 years this way, and I’ve been enjoying a healthy sex life all these years.

More important, I have companionship, a confidante and a best friend with me always.

Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Some women like sensitive people.
Some women like assholes.
Some women like guys who pick up the tab,
Some women are insulted by it.
Some women dig chick flix.
Some women prefer Saving Private Ryan.
Some women like women.
Some women like men.
Some women like pizza.
Some women prefer a club pita with feta cheese.

Ie. asking what ‘women’ like is stupid. You can’t even go with ‘women like you breathing’ because well, who was that necrophiliac again? There you go.

Whilst this is a great time to where I wouldst normally cracketh the jokes, I have to tell you, listen to this guy kid. Although getting laid seems like the biggest priority, even super-hard cocks eventually long for “Real” companionship. Issa bitch sometimes, but I tell you in the long-run (which, though it seems like ages away, has always got to be in the back of your mind unless you wanna end up the old man at the club) it’s best to try and meet a nice girl, get to know her well and be able to trust her fully. Remember, she has to do something for you as well - make sure it’s never just one way, with you doing all the lovin’.

Chicks??? and you think your going to get laid …WITH THAT ATTITUDE?? hAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT !!! IN YOUR DREAMS !! Wake up and smell the roses son!!

Okay, I may only be 17, but maybe I can provide some insight as to what works for me, oh I’m a guy to, I’m just nice, and I don’t try hard to be funny, I actually don’t try to impress girls, I treat them as I would treat a friend, that way if they don’t like me “like that” at least I’ve made a friend. Yeah it sounds gay to some probably, but hey shut up, it works for me. Oh and I keep myself clean and I’m smart,(school wise) and I’ve been told I’m good looking, which helps. Let’s all hope I stay that way

As a female friend of mine put it:

Girls don’t want some guy to just screw them. They want to be loved, understood, listened to…then screwed. :wink:

I call myself a chick, actually. However, as a chick, a guy who talks about “getting laid” is not something I “dig”, get it?


All women dig the exact same thing, and if you do this thing, you will be able to get laid with any woman you want.

But it’s a secret, and I’m not telling you.

  1. Get a good job: something that pays a lot and sounds exciting.

  2. Work out at the gym.

  3. Dress well.

  4. Get a flashy car. Go up to your ears in debt if necessary. This part is very important.

  5. Learn the hottest night spots in town.

  6. Splurge on your dates.

  7. Wash your bedsheets regularly.

  8. If the above doesn’t work then invest in dental caps, hair plugs, liposuction, and penis enlargement. Relocate to a different state and repeat.

You’ll attract a steady stream of females, some of whom will be insecure enough to have sex with you on the first date. Whether these are “chicks” you’ll continue to “dig” for long could be a different matter. One good bout of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea and several bottles of Prozac later you may want to rethink your priorities.


Try honesty. Gob-smacking, full-on, soul-bearing honesty.

Oh yeah, and don’t confuse honesty with TMI.

WenisPinkle, you want to know what chick’s “dig”?

Usually, men who don’t behave like morons.


Teeth jewelry. Lots of it.

I’m not sure how many “chicks” would dig a name such as WenisPinkle:wink:

…and while you’re at it, get out from under that bridge.