Dolls, monkeys, and a frog

Once again, I am helping my mom declutter. We brought 13 bags of stuff to Savers today!

Here are some of her obsessions (monkeys and dolls with pretty dresses). There’s a frog in here because I thought he was cute.

Payment: Paypal, check, or money order.
Shipping: Most likely USPS unless you insist on something else. I’ll provide shipping cost before you make your final decision to buy.

Dolls: I know nothing about dolls. My mother knows nothing about dolls. She just buys them because they’re pretty (to her, I think they’re creepy as hell).

Doll 1: $10

Doll 2: $10 (her hair doesn’t really look like this. It’s all messy but was getting in my way while I took the picture so I neatened it up a bit. It fell back down as soon as I picked the doll up again)

Doll 3: $10

Doll 4: $10

Doll 5: $5 (no mark that I can find)

Doll 6: $5 (no mark that I can find)

Christmas frog: $5

Monkey 1: $5

Monkey 2: $5

Monkey 3: $5 (I have no clue if it came with the t-shirt. It has a peace sign on the back)

Monkey 4: $5

Monkey 5: $3

Monkey 6: $5

Monkey(s) 7: $8

Monkey 8: $5

Monkey 9: $3

Monkey(s) 10: $5 (these monkeys didn’t come together but they look like they should be together.

Monkey 11: $5

Monkey 12: $10

Very cute, i like it

Which one?

The Monkey 12 is very nice…

I know this was quite some time ago, but do you still have the Christmas Frog or the monkey w/ the scarf and checkered gloves?
I suppose a better question would be- what do you have left 4 months later?

I still have all of them. :smiley: