Don't eat the Cheetos!

Damn it, Hot Sauce. Look at you. You’re four and half pounds of cheese powdered Chihuahua. What? Did you actually climb in the bag? Don’t look at me like that. I know it’s not Easy being Cheezy, but I don’t care! Now go upstairs and start the tub running.

And stay away from the guacamole!

Do you know what the sound of a three-year old rolling in the spilled contents of one of those huge 48 oz barrels of cheese balls is? I do.
The Monster’s snot was bright orange for several days after that little adventure.

BTW, Hot Sauce? Just what do you plan to do with that dog at the end of its service life? :eek:

Reminds me of a commercial that’s airing right now:

Dad (to cheezepuff-dust-covered kid): Did you have anything to do with this? (gestures to cheezepuffs strewn all about)
Kid: Nope.
Dad: Right
Kid (running off to play): Burp!

LOL! Did Hot Sauce start the water running? All this rain has turned my backyard into a puddle, and my dear dog Foxie seems to have one tune stuck in her mind… “It’s a treat to beat your feet in the Mississippi mud…”

I’m pretty sure an OP like that is screaming out for pictures. Although the mental image is pretty clear…and cute!

I agree with gigi.

My animals usually get “that look doesn’t work for the humans, it’s not working for you either”.

defiantly crunching her cheetos

I wish we were that lucky. At our house the favorite snack for the dogs to sneak is cat shit out of the litter boxes.

Thanks for sharing that.

I read a few months ago about a school where Blinding-Hot Cheetos became the favorite selection in the snack machine. There were reddish orange handprints everywhere, as high as a child could reach, and nobody could hear the teachers for all the crunching and bag-crinkling. The principal, the janitor, and several teachers cornered the snack machine guy in the hall, and that was the end of that.

You know, I might have embellished that. I’m pretty sure I did. I ought to delete the whole thing.

I’m sorry, but my brain can’t escape trying to make some sort of connection between that fact and your handle.

Dog: Mmmm! Dark Cookies!!