Err... how do I meet women?

So, I’ve been wopndering… how do I meet women. I’m 25, and let’s just say my romantic experiences have been… limited. Any advice? No women at work, and my church is in the 'burbs, so limited opps there (all the ones my age move to the city).

Dude, the answer is right in front of you: online dating! :slight_smile:

This 26-year-old woman, who feels that she needs to get out more, has just decided to attend the local knitting and quilting guilds, and the murder mystery book group. She’d also love to take archery lessons, bellydance lessons, ceramics lessons, and hurdy-gurdy lessons, if she could get them lined up.

I met my boyfriend on okcupid. Several of my friends have also met worthwhile people on this site, and hey, it’s free. Give it a shot.

How could there be hurdy-gurdy lessons? That would require two hurdy-gurdies in the same room, one for the teacher and one for the student. And that just seems hilariously implausible…

I’ve heard there are lots of ladies at the gym… but I can’t be an authority on that

To paraphrase our 32nd president, You have nothing to fear, but fear itself!
Approach, introduce and forget the “come on” lines. The worst thing that can happen is rejection, if you don’t take risks you’re missing out on the very basic joys of life.

I met my boyfriend playing RPGs. Mage, actually. Although I’ve heard that gaming isn’t the best place to meet chicks…

Move to the city where the women are? It might help if you get a dog, too.

What the hell is a 25 year old single guy doing living in the burbs, anyway?

I know shitloads of single women. . .of course I’m matrimonally restricted from doing anything about it, but I know 'em.

I’m the dude who started the aforementioned “online dating” thread, and man, it’s working great for me. Like you, I didn’t want to date someone from work. I didn’t want to date a friend. I’m completely awful at just walking up to someone and starting a conversation and asking for a number. So I went with the thing.

I’ve been on a couple dates with a couple different girls. It’s fun to get out there and meet new people, do new things. It builds up your confidence. It’s just fun.

I just turned 27, so I can tell ya there’s plenty of girls there in our age range. Good luck.

Some non-bar/club options:

  1. Borrow a puppy, descend upon local Starbucks patio area. You’ll be like Conan, crushing enemies and driving them before you.

  2. Identify local colleges/universities in the area, and the businesses that are nearest to them. Diners and coffeeshops in the area should be overrun with college girls.

  3. Find public places that have been selected via whatever sort of groupthink gestalt designates certain locations as “meat markets.” Namely, grocery stores and bookstores. Some are dead, others are jumping. You just have to find the right one. Someone looking to flirt in a bookstore around here might be disappointed unless they walked into the right one on a Sunday night and then boom, HELLOOO BOOBIES. It’s like heaven opens up and ass pours out.

  4. Always be nice to chicks who you are otherwise not interested in. Because they have friends, and some of those friends are hot. Same goes for the older ladies, they got daughters.

  5. Bored and restless? Here’s a good trick: laundromats. Check them out, and bring the puppy. This can be a project that takes a few weeks to complete, but you’ll eventually get an idea of which 24-hour laundries are hosting bored single girls who don’t own washing machines. Plus, your hamper gets empty and you weren’t doing anything better anyway.

  6. Friend of mine used to swear by airports (!), but post-911 I guess that’s over. Or not?
    I’ll try and think of more later.

Do bear in mind that if you’re looking for a guy, several of your choices aren’t going to help too much… knitting, quilting and belly-dancing aren’t likely to draw too many mid-20’s guys.

For the hurdy-gurdy, you just have to know the right people.

Sattua, you wouldn’t happen to know people in the SCA, would you?

Highly recommended, the Supermarket late on a Sat afternoon around 4.

Loadsa ladies who have bugger all lined up for that night…check it out man :smiley:

Volunteer. Many non-profits and charities need people to help out, and it’s a great way to meet people with similar interests.

In my experience, my local supermarket is a great place to meet married women. :frowning:

It must be my neighbourhood.

OTOH, the all-night supermarket neat Bloor and Spadina is packed with college students on Sunday night, as they return from the weekend and stock up on food for the week. If I was that age… :: le sigh ::

Moral: choose carefully.

Another endorsement for volunteering. I,ve met lots of interesting women there, though nothing clicked.

But only volunteer for something you are actually interested in.

I’m terrible at meeting women in just about any venue. I at long last resorted to personal ads in the paper. Some are cheap, many are free. You’ll have to experiment with different papers and different ads, but you’ll eventually hit on something that works. Then you’ll go on some dates, most of which will be with loathesome losers, but every once in a great while you’ll meet someone very nice. And that’s all it takes. It’s a pain but it does work.

And there are dating services, but they seem little better than personals, and far more expensive.

And the online thing is the same, but more high tech.

Be sure to work on a good ad. Here are some examples:

Good (sort of):

Knight in slightly rusted armor
Seeks his lady. SWM, 25, wants to whisk you away to enchanted kingdom. Secure stable man with romantic streak looking for lady to capture his heart and to steal kisses under the stars.


Lonely guy seeks woman
SWM, 25, seeks lady friend. Pls B gd lking. Like walks on the beach&cndllt dnnrs. No weirdos or fat chix.

Swing dancing. Lots of people do it as a hobby. Find a local studio that offers a lesson followed by dancing. You’ll be in an environment where close physical contact with the opposite sex is not only acceptable but expected; but it’s not quite so up-in-your-face intimate as ballroom dancing, and it’s generally easier to do. Conversation on the dance floor is just barely possible – at least, much easier than in a nightclub, where the music is typically too loud for such. However, be prepared to dance with a lot of old ladies and a lot of jailbait, just out of routine courtesy.

Do you have something against married women?

IMO if a married wench is on the ‘pick-up’ then something is lacking from the marriage itself and who is to say that hubby isn’t doing the same thing at another supermarket.

Myself? yeah you guessed, I aint a picky bloke :smiley:

You do realize, of course, that a hurdy-gurdy is not the large boxlike “instrument” played by organ-grinders’ monkeys, but a small lute-sized string instrument from the Middle Ages. Still, they are expensive and very hard to find, so yeah, it is hard to imagine two in a room.