Fake Boobs & The Infantile Male Response: Is There Any Hope?

For the love of God, please reaffirm my faith in the intelligence of men. Today I say three men stumbling all over themselves acting like complete fools over a women with the most obvious boob job in Earth history–you know the type: Huge bouncing boobs. Straining blouse. Microscopic waist. Swinging hips. Blonde. Blue eyes. You know, all that crap.

Please tell me it ain’t so that all a woman has to do is plunk down $4,000 bucks, get the Thursday Silicon Special, and she can have men crawling around like idiots in no time.

Is that all it takes?

Boooobbzz!!! Giant, basketball sized BOOOOBBBBSS!

Uh, um… what was the question again?

Well, I like small-breasted women myself, & boob jobs make me ill. I don’t mind large breasts, if they’re natural. But it’s not a preference.

Of course, this being the internet, maybe I’m not a man. Maybe I’m a woman. Maybe I’m a 6-foot tall mantid from Dimension X who pretends to be a man on your Internet.

No, I’m a man. Though if I claim to be a 6-foot tall mantid from Dimension X, you’ll back me up, right?

As far as I know most men will act that way whether the boobs are real or not. Would you be complaining as loudly if the woman in question was all natural? Or is it more that you feel that women of that “type” should be shunned because they have been surgically enhanced?

Hmmmm don’t take this too personally but…you’re not mad because you’re old and ugly, are you?

Oh, and just to add to the discussion…I dont like fake boobs, they look so…fake.

Small and pert does it for me every time. This is not to say that bigger has it’s atractions.

The important thing to remember is that big boobs always look better before you get them out of her bra.

If one considers that the Bible has one book that has long passages about the size of one woman’s pair of breasts (oh there were a few more things discussed The Song of Solomon, but for me it is foggy at the moment); and that more vulgar and ribald verses have been written of them by the best (and worst) of poets and writers; and that paintings have accentuated the woman’s bosom, even to the point of baring them in places where the exposure may not be appropriate, unfortunately it can be established that women’s breasts have fixated even the wisest of men throughout history.

fake boobs stink. what a snore.

It deserves our undivided attention.

Please post a link to a image of these alleged “fake giant boobs” so we can study the issue more closely.

Thank you.

Maybe she has a great personality. :wink:

Actually, my boyfriend isn’t too bad with things like that; I think he prefers the streamlined and aerodynamic look that is Kayeby. :slight_smile:

Speaking with authority as an old, fat, bald, heterosexual male, it’s not just the store bought breasts that are do it. No, I am far more discerning. It’s also the “microscopic waist”, “swinging hips”, blonde hair and blue eyes you mentioned that do it.

If boob jobs didn’t make men notice would women have them ?

Guinea…I’m ignoring everything you said after the first 'graph. About the mantid and all…doesn’t make a difference…wanna come over to my place tonight? :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, natural boobies lack disfiguring scars. :slight_smile: Did any of you catch the MTV Special on this topic- they replayed it last night…(I’m ashamed to say i watched parts of it. PARTS!)

I have never been caught staring at a woman’s cleavage or drooling over her breasts.

[sub]I’m an ass man.[/sub]


Well, I have stared. I’ve just never been caught, either.

BTW, there’s no such thing as a ‘fake boob’ unless it’s (A) a third boob (B) prepubescent/invisible or © detachable. ;-p

hey, the wife went for inserts after over 20 years of being underendowed, I never pushed her, and she knew I loved her as she was. But she was tired of not being able to fill out nice clothes, and rather self conscious. So voila, B-cups, she loves them, and so do I. It’s all personal choice. And what’s a right decision for one is not for another person. But we try to refrain from judging anyone else’s reasons or choices

Don’t expect men to act intelligently around good looking women. This is hard wired big time into us.

That said, the thought of someone putting a foreign substance in their body to improve looks kind of grosses me out. Plastic breasts work for some men, but not for me. I’m a leg man. Thank god no one has figured out a way to fake that (yet).

Well, I think we should respect other peoples choices.

Besides, if the rest of the guys are chasing after the well-endowed women, that’ll make it easier for me to score with the flat-chested ones.

:: d&r ::

I beg to differ. My breasts look better without a bra because they have no sagging whatsoever. It’s really strange but nice in a way.

But I get really weirded out when these emaciated women walk by with gargantuan breasts. It’s just… weird!