Favorite pop tart flavor and/or method of eating it

I bought a box of sugar cookie flavored pop tarts, and these are the best pop tarts I’ve ever had. I’ve probably tried a couple dozen flavors of pop tarts and generic knock offs over the years.

I prefer to eat them cold generally. Generally pop tarts are unremarkable, but these are at least above average.

I think the worst flavor I’ve ever eaten was orange crush pop tarts.

It’s been a long time since I ate Pop Tarts on the reg, but I do remember that freezing them was my preferred method of slowly giving myself diabetes.


The best flavor is frosted cherry, the runner up is frosted brown sugar and cinnamon. I eat them from the toaster, eat around the edges first then the middle.

I just added them to my online grocery order, darn you Wesley Clark! shakes fist :slight_smile:

Brown sugar cinnamon has always been my fave, going back to ye olden days when they had more than just a “wafer thin” filling. We used to garnish them with another taste treat(?) of the time, liquid margarine from a squeeze bottle.

no the root beer ones were a …. and the unfrosted cinnamon buns flavors were both a miss

I like the frosted fruit ones and BS&C the best …… the chocolate ones are hit and miss ……

I haven’t eaten them since I was a kid, but I liked the brown sugar cinnamon ones, which I’d heat and then break off and discard the unfrosted edges.

Far better were brown sugar cinnamon Danish Go-Rounds. They were like Pop Tarts that had been extruded in tube shape and then formed into an oval spiral. It was very satisfying to take them apart to eat.

I like the pumpkin pop tarts that get released every year in October.

I also like grape pop tarts but those are pretty much impossible to find.

This has made it easy for me to limit the amount of pop tarts I eat.

Brown sugar and cinnamon ones. Eat the crusts and then the middles.

I like chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts, if I buy the brand. The best knock-off is sold by Fareway in the Midwest, and wild berry is the best flavor for that.

I eat the edges first and then the filled middle section, usually at room temperature.

Blueberry. Start with the outside and work your way in. Just like baby seals.

Raspberry, if you can find them. Or unfrosted cherry (also hard to find). Spread just a bit of butter on top when they come out of the toaster.

Yeah, I agree that (frosted) brown sugar and cinnamon were the best. I also liked apple but they don’t make those anymore.

I would eat the edges from 2 sides, eat the middle and finish with the other 2 edges.

  1. Frosted brown sugar and cinnamon are the best followed closely by the departed apple.
  2. Agree with Chicken Fingers that Danish Go Rounds were far superior.
  3. Anyone else remember the odd sub-flavor(?) the frosted fruit had in the 60s?

Strawberry is my favorite, with frosting. I like toaster-strudel better, that delightful frozen pastry with the little squeeze package of icing. Wish I had one, right now.

I somehow find it hard to believe you don’t have a delightful pastry with icing readily available at any time.

Frosted Blueberry by far. Occasionally my mother would bring home strawberry (meh) or chocolate (oddly enough I wasn’t that fond of those). Every once in a while they were out of frosted and we’d have to suffer with unfrosted. That was some trauma.

Danish Go-Rounds! I never thought I’d hear anyone utter those words again. One of my all-time favorites. I loved the brown sugar cinnamon ones. Waaaay better than Pot Tarts.

I prefer the cheap Toastettes to Pop Tarts. Even WalMart’s Great Value ones are better than Pop Tarts. My favorites are: brown sugar cinnamon, blueberry and then cherry. I haven’t had any in years after I saw the calorie count and then realized it was for ONE not the package of 2! When I eat them, I put them in the toaster for just a bit - enough to warm them. I hate when they get toasted.

Brown sugar cinnamon, untoasted because ain’t nobody got time for a toaster.

S’mores flavored ones are pretty great for a dessert treat, too.

Early in our marriage, my wife and I had to work out a very important incompatibility. She insisted that the frosted brown sugar cinnamon were the best while I held fast to my love for unfrosted BSC. I finally gave in for the sake of of our marriage and the fact that the unfrosted variety were hard to find.

I don’t eat them now except for a treat during hiking/camping trips. Heated over a fire is bliss, while everyone else is eating library paste in the form of packets of instant oatmeal.