Pop Tarts - my guility childhood pleasure.

I still recall the Pop Tarts tv commercials from my elementary school days. Pretty sure they only had the plain, unfrosted ones then. I’m baffled why on earth they even sell frosted ones. The cheap jelly in them is already packed full of sugar. Even as a 9 year old, I’d never eat a frosted one with even more sugar.

For me Strawberry is the only flavor I buy. I always wished they’d make a grown up pop tart with good quality strawberry preserves. Nice chunks of strawberry inside. But, the kiddie version is all that’s available. I’ve heard they make a Blueberry flavor but I haven’t found one in the stores that was unfrosted.

Fess up, do you still eat Pop Tarts once in awhile as an adult? Do you buy them for your kids? Plain or Frosted?

I voted yes - on rare occasions. I don’t keep them in the house all the time. I bought a big box with a dozen yesterday. First ones I’ve bought in 2012.

I love the Chocolate Fudge ones. I have one pretty much every day for breakfast (yeah, my food habits aren’t the greatest). I only eat one per day, though, and I don’t toast them.

Here’s the commercial I remember from Elementary School. I used to sing the theme song all the time. :smiley:


Here’s one from the mid 1970’s when I was in high school. No theme song. :frowning:

Loved 'em as a kid. My favorites were the chocolate ones (especially the ones where the crust itself was chocolate). Frosted? Sure. I can’t remember the difference between the competing brands Pop Tarts and Toast’Ems; people only remember the former. Haven’t even looked at one in decades. And yet…somehow the generic toaster pastries at Trader Joe’s caught my eye just last week. Hmm.

Hmmm. The problem for me with pop tarts is that they *look *really delicious, but when I actually eat them they turn out to be bland and disappointing. But I never ate them as a kid, so I was never brainwashed. Here, go ahead–you can have my pop tart.

Oh, for the good ol’ days of the original Pop Tarts and Toast 'Ems! I loved almost all the flavors back in the 60s; today I occasionally go for the much-diminished versions. Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon is my favorite.

I voted no, because I don’t buy them any more, but I used to. Only the frosted strawberry ones, though. Ate them untoasted. I had to give them up because they gave me heartburn.

I’m 40 years old and childless, and I still buy them fairly regularly. :slight_smile: I don’t buy them as often as I used to, but when I do it’s usually the unfrosted strawberry ones. I love the chocolate fugde ones, and every now and then I allow myself to buy a box of those, but I haven’t had that flavor in a long time. I also like brown sugar cinnamon (which I’ve only ever seen frosted), but tend to only get that when I see it in a vending machine.

I don’t think I have ever toasted a Pop-Tart. Even when I was a kid.

FWIW I recently tried some Special K Pastry Crisps, and the strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon ones taste a lot like untoasted Pop-Tarts to me!

All the time. More accurately, “regularly.”

My favorite is frosted raspberry. It doesn’t get carried by stores as much as it used to and my local Safeway didn’t carry them. I casually mentioned this to a manager type who chatted me up one day as I was leaving. Well, the guy ordered and started stocking them. Now I feel obligated to buy some once in awhile. It’s a burden, but I manage…

I have never eaten one, but they were served to my daughter at camp.

And I’m not a nutritional freak; I’ve eaten cake, ice cream and cookies for breakfast. Rarely all three the same day, though! Pop-tarts just never looked good. Maybe if they had been out when I was little I would feel different.

What happened to the “STRAW-BERRIES! BLUE-BERRIES! CHEee-Eee-RIES!” commercial? :confused:

I literally just finished eating a set o’ poptarts, but I’m going to claim it was for my kid since I’m 8.5 months pregnant. I eat them occasionally - more now that I have such a pregnancy-induced sweet tooth. I like brown sugar, chocolate fudge, occasionally a wild berry or strawberry. Frosted only, please - they have a better texture when toasted.

I want to blow up their HQ in hopes of killing those responsible for discontinuing Frosted Grape.

Whoa, I was just remembering that commercial the other day–but I had no idea what it was a commercial for. That was for Pop-Tarts?

Yep. The mustachioed fruit vendor pushing his hand cart through the streets of Little Italy, it always seemed to me. :slight_smile:

Bad poll. Where’s the “occasionally” option?

Ate as a kid and still like, but they go too fast for me because I always eat 2 at a time (cue Paula Poundstone routine). Any fruit flavor is fine and cinnamon is OK but the “dessert” ones (chocolate etc) do nothing for me at all.

I have had Pop Tarts as a grown up, but never at them as a kid. I’ve never bought them for my son. In fact, I just asked him if he’d ever had one and he said no. I don’t know anyone who eats them. That being said, if he asked for some at the grocery store, I’d probably buy them for him everyone once in a great while.

I hated them when I was a kid, and I see no reason to try them again as an adult.

Rarely, and less and less often. I never tasted a Pop Tart until I was in college where they were available at the dorm cafeteria. I ate a lot of them as an undergraduate, and have occasionally bought a box out of nostalgia since.

Unfortunately, the older I get the less good they taste. They’re barely worth the calorie bomb they deliver… I’d rather have a brownie.