How do you like your Pop Tarts?

After noshing on some delicious Brown Sugar and Cinnamon straight out of the package while reading in bed late last night I got to wondering if anyone actually toasts these things. And thus a SDMB poll was born.

If you have some bizarre casserole that you make with them which wasn’t included as a poll option I do hope you’ll share with the class.

I toast 'em when I want a dessert-like item, cold and straight out of the box when I just want a quick snack on the go. BS&C, of course.

Also, my kids like 'em toasted in the morning with a little butter spread over the top of 'em.

I like them in the microwave better. They get softer. Brown sugar cinnamon is my favorite, but I cannot have these things in the house or I will eat every single one in a day’s time.

You forgot to include UNFROSTED. I was sure that was going to be the question when I clicked on this thread. It is almost impossible to find unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon Poptarts these days. My children cry each morning. “Why, daddy, why?” they ask me and I have no answer. And I would never let my children have a cold Poptart - they need a hot meal in the morning.

Really? My local grocery store always has a giant shelf of unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry.

Me, I prefer the Wild Berry, untoasted. But Chocolate Chip, FROZEN, is good too.

I just broke down and got some PTs for the first time in years. WHERE ARE THE RASPBERRY ONES??? I had to settle for frosted blueberry.

Microwave. Heats 'em up yet keeps 'em soft. In the toaster you risk the edges drying out. Cold just isn’t right. It’s just not.

I went with cold **most **of the time…I usually take them on camping trips. Toasting them on a camp stove isn’t impossible, but it’s not really worth the extra effort.

You know who else liked his Pop Tarts cold? Yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

You forgot the option that I prefer best: served to me in bed by a nubile wench slathered in lime marmalade.

I like the blueberry frosted. I have toasted/microwaved them in my life, but those times a few and far between. I eat 'em right out of the box. Sometimes in the car on the way home from the grocery store.

I can’t buy them often; I have no self-control.

I use to eat them raw. I haven’t had any in a long time (so much sugar!).

I only get them when I go camping so I will heat them a bit on the fire. That IMHO is the only way to go.:smiley:

The wench or the pop tart? Or you?

After a while it’s all three…if it’s done right.

I have never eaten them cold. I know there are some that are meant to be eaten cold…but the kind where you can toast them…it never occurred to me that anyone would. Eeeew, cold pop tarts? Nasty!

I never eat them cold. Yuck! But they’re so good warm.

If someone has the grill going, use that instead of the toaster. Yum.

I used to love working for a company that had the individual packs in a vending machine in the cafeteria. I got my pop-tart fix without eating 8 of them, which is normally what happens when I buy a box of pop-tarts. All these pop-tart threads are this close to making me put on pants and go to the store right now.

Usually straight from the box, but if I’m actually eating them as a breakfast instead of a late night indulgence, then I will toast them.

Strawberry, non-frosted, straight out of the toaster.

Or ‘raw’ for trail food on backpacking trips.