What's your favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts?

Being inspired by this thread, it got me to wondering what everyone’s favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts is.

As for me, it’s most definitely Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. (I wish I had some right now.)

And you?

Same here, I usually bring a couple of boxes back to the U.K. with me whenever I’m visiting the U.S.

UNfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. The frosting makes them way too sugary for me.

Ditto. It’s a weakness of mine! I like unfrosted BSC, but frosted is ok too.

I might also add that the most heinous flavor of Pop-Tarts that I’ve tried is S’mores. Unsurprisingly, the 40 odd school aged kids that I served breakfast to at the daycare where I used to work would back me up on this.

I also like the frosted brown sugar cinnamon, but I rarely eat them. If my husband were voting, he’d have to pick “other”, since the only kind of Pop Tart he will eat is unfrosted blueberry. We have to go to WalMart to get them, since that’s the only store in town that still carries that flavor.


Unfrosted Strawberry.

UNfrosted brown sugar and cinnamon (which are increasingly hard to find)

UNfrosted strawberry. I used to eat them every morning for breakfast during the summer (right after they were invented- late 60’s) with a glass of water. Too sweet for any other beverage.

Frosted Cookies and Cream.
If I’m not mistaken, these used to be called “Chocolate Vanilla Cream,” which I’ve loved since they first came out when I was a kid. But they became incereasingly hard - then impossible - to find.

When “Cookies and Cream” started becoming a trendy flavor, I’m pretty sure they just brought back Chocolate Vanilla Cream under a new name. If I’m wrong about that, and CVC still exists, I’d love to know where to get some so I can compare the two.

As for the most heinous flavor, MTCicero, I don’t deny that S’mores are pretty nasty, but the worst is Vanilla Milkshake. The filling is this gross sticky goo that’s almost pure sugar. I like sweet stuff, but this was too much even for me.

I like the unfrosted BSC flavor best. After all, it was one of the four originals, it was my go-to flavor back in the day. I’d like to see an original and a current-day PT side by side–I imagine today’s tart would look like an sad, anemic imposter.

Ugh, i voted wrong. I couldn’t remember which was the cinnamon-y one I liked and I voted for Cinnamon Roll. It is actually brown sugar & cinnamon.

So, just add one in your mind.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon WITH frosting.
The few flavors that have survived from my youth just don’t taste the same. :frowning:

They’re way too sweet for me, but when I was a kid, it was the Frosted Chocolate Vanilla Cream. Chocolate pop tart with white frosting and white filling.

These were my breakfast this morning :smiley:

This or unfrosted Cherry. Do they still make those (unfrosted)?

From a Pop-Tarts ad jingle, sometime in the 1970s: “Brown Sugar Cinnamon, frooooosted…”

Haven’t had one since the diabetes diagnosis, 5 years ago. Probably for the best that I don’t have 'em anymore, but I do get a craving when I smell them. :frowning:

Looks like they might be back, though under a different name. Don’t know for certain, though, since I’ve yet to try these. But they certainly look just like the Chocolate Vanilla Cream.

Unfrosted strawberry, which I didn’t see on your list. In fact, I think it’s getting hard to find. :frowning:

I used to occasionally find unfrosted blueberry, which might be even better, but I haven’t seen it in years, maybe decades.

When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s I used to have an unfrosted Poptart every morning as part of my breakfast.