Free discount on Twinings tea, just for USA Dopers

I figured that this would be the best forum to post this. Mods, if you disagree, please move it.

I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts that I run a small ad agency. We’ve been working with Twinings of London on their digital marketing for several months now. We had a conference call recently and I asked them (as sort of a favor) if we could get some premium discount codes for some of our favorite online communities, and they agreed. So I snared one for the SDMB.

So, doper tea drinkers in the U.S., you can use code “SDMB” on checkout at their online store and get 25% off your order. Here are the particulars…

[li]Twinings’ web store is at[/li][li]The minimum order to get the discount is $15.[/li][li]Enter “SDMB” (without the quotes) on checkout to redeem your 25% discount.[/li][li]The code expires 3/8/2011.[/li][/ul]

If you run into any problems redeeming the code, let me know in this thread or PM me.

VERY nice! Thank you so much!

Sweet, scored the black box assam, breakfast, earl grey and chai :smiley:

Many thanks!

Glad to provide. No problems redeeming the code for either of you, then?

Nope, though if you do paypal, do not click on it first, go to the second screen where you put in the shipping information, and the code, then click on paypal.

can’t wait =)

Very thoughtful of you, Thespos. Thank you for doing that.

This forum will do just fine.

Extremely sweet of you to do this, T. Thank you. :slight_smile:


(just kidding) :wink:

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(just kidding)
[/moderator warning] :smiley:

Sure thing.

Apparently I fail at using the website. Nothing I select ends up in my cart. :frowning:

I had trouble with it at first, too.

If you click on the Order Now dropdown, there’s a box with a zero that kind of looks like a radio button. Enter the number of items you’re ordering in that box and then click on the Add to cart button.

IIRC that will take you straight to your cart. There’s a keep shopping option there that will take you back to the rest of the site.

I’ve now successfully completed an order.

Thanks, THespos!

I tried that, put a number instead of the zero, clicked add to cart, but the cart was always empty.


Weird. Maybe change the browser you’re using? I’m using Firefox.

Firefox, too. Maybe I’ll try clearing the cache.

Hey ITD - any chance you can post your OS/browser version? Also are you using any kind of cookie-clearing or script-blocking plugins or anything like that?

Black box Lady Grey! OOOO!!! snabs

Thank you THespos! The discount was enough to offset shipping charges

(As a side note, I use Firefox and had to tell NoScript to allow for the shopping cart to work properly.)

<< BREAKFAST.COM halted, cereal port not responding.>>

I’m on Snow Leopard on a mac and am using Firefox. I tried in Safari too. I have popup and adblocker plugins on Firefox. I also tried using my iPhone. A couple items went into my cart ok, using Firefox, most didn’t.

I generally have no problem shopping online. None. Zero. Waaaay too easy.

Just tried adding exception and off to try again.

THanks for the help!

Weird. I can get the drop down menu, I change the number from 0 to 1 and click “add to my cart”. It redirects to my cart, but no product is added.


Wow. I am addicted to Twinings Earl Grey – yes, you can tell the difference and all of the imitations completely suck – so I just bought 1,000 tea bags’ worth. Thank you so much!

ETA: I use Firefox with ad blocker and didn’t have to do anything special at all to place the order.