[GAME] Food + sex=euphemism.

  1. Pick a food, going in alphabetical order from the previous entry.
  2. Turn it into a euphemism for sex.
  3. One euphemism per post.

To start things off:

Make applesauce.

[next food starts with B]

Buttering your biscuit.

Choppin’ celery.

Fry your donuts (in Greece)

Fill the eclair.

Just fondue it.

Tickling the Grapes


Lets Melt the Ice Cream

I got a Jawbreaker for you!

Lemme show you my knockwurst, babe.

Lick my Lollipop.

Homemade mayonnaise.

Can I put some cheese on your nachos?

Your Olive Oil is very slippery.

Your peanut butter is in my chocolate!

Wanna eat my quiche?

I wanna peel your radicchio.

Hide the sausage.

Tasting the Taco