Gentle euphemisms for being "modestly hung".

Well, there’s one in the title already.

There are plenty of boastful slang words for being well-hung and probably more insults for being tiny. But there needs to be a library of gentle euphemisms with which those who are “conservativley endowed” can describe themselves. A man should be able to quell disappointment and high hopes from a new partner by warning her about his “discreet package” without sounding crass and self-hating. So I came up with a few terms:

easy to manage



gently hung

subltly hung

innocently endowed
Any more?

Well, in Cruising Al Pcino says he’s “party size” which is supposed to mean that he’s well-hung but has been interpreted by at least one viewer as meaning that he’s the size of a Halloween candy bar.

But why on earth should a man need to cushion a potential sex partner against the crushing news of his average-sized penis? I loathe male size queens and, while I don’t deal with female size queens, I imagine I would loathe them too. Besides, if the only thing he’s planning on using to impart pleasure is his penis, then that, rather than the size of said penis, strikes me as the more important datum.

“Bite size”

“Fun size”




Fun size ! :slight_smile:

Bite size :eek:

“Economy Model”?

“Two and a half ounces of dangling fury”?

How about “Conceited”? :wink:

“Hey, baby, you know that Hershey’s Kiss slogan?”

“What do you say to a little bit of lovin?”


Not average-sized. Less than average-sized.

average-sized would be “familiarly endowed”.


And euphemisms so that a woman is able to quell disappointment and high hopes from a new partner by warning him about her “slack canyon” without sounding crass and self-hating?

I was watching Sex Talk (spin off of Canadian Sunday Night Sex Show), and a woman from Texas called in for advice on sex positions. She called her husband’s penis “juvenile sized”, in all sincerity.

And a girl with a loose pu**y is one who needs to practice her Kegels.

Whatever the term, just remember that a 747 can be considered modest when compared to the Grand Canyon.

She can say it’s:

“Quite inviting”

Anyway that’s something for another thread.

This was another situation I was thinking about where a gentle euphemism would be welcome; when one want’s to talk about his partner without being insulting

I think you just have to phrase it positively:

Way bigger than a baby’s fingernail
Thousands of microns
More than an earful

It’s a grower, not a shower!

It’s Frickin’ Huge*

*Bearer makes no guarantee of size.

aural sex is out then !

No, but you might experience some discomfort and bleeding the first time…

Pocket sized for your convenience.

A concentrated, efficient love machine.

Designed for maximum comfort.