Get yer Pick Up Line/Personalized Get-Laid-Drink right here from Omni.

So our favorite poster- Omniscient- is getting ready to enter the workforce. He needs something to fill up his time between now and his first day of work. Not only that, but everyone knows, in your first week of work, you need to slack off as much as possible, so the boss won’t expect too much.

So, pretty ladies, step up to the plate. Omni will wow you and dazzle you and make you want him to take you home, guranteed.

Pretty guys, step up, Omni will give you sure fire drink receipes that will make that special lady you are eyeying up and down just melt.

Come one come all. Drink from the pickup palce of Omni.


OK, Omni - you know you want to. Hook me up!

steps up to the plate Go ahead, dazzle me, Omni.

I don’t need no stinkin’ drink recipes! I have the only recipe you’ll ever need:

1 part Josta

That’s it!

Where is Omni? I need a butt patting.

(of course he can pat me just about anywhere he likes hehe)

Razzle dazzle Omni… let’s do it!

Oh, yes, Omni, do me baby!

okay, hit me with a pick up line.

you got our attention sweetie-pie, now deliver!!

::Doesn’t have a pick up line, just seductively looks at the women and licks his eyebrow . . . ::

What the hell, long as I’m here, might as well get a drink recipe. Let’s have it Omni.

I felt that look, 007

I want one, Omni. If it’s good enough, I’ll let you pat my butt. <g>

Well since Omni’s not here, I thought I’d let you in on a few of my favourite pick-up lines, guaranteed to work in all situations.

You’ve stolen my heart, but I have three more back home in the freezer.

Can I lick your nose?

Can I buy you a spatula?

I think I love you. You can jump off high buildings and land on your feet, right?

Look at me.

Han you imagine anyone needing a pickup line/get-laid-drink more?

Hit me with your best shot, sonny boy. Thanks!

Omni’s absence here isn’t reassuring but in case he does cave to peer pressure (or is that beer pressure?), I’ll add my name to the list too.

Omni, my dear. Let me hear your best line. Please…
<shameless sucking up> Not that you would ever actually need a pickup line! I saw your pic…drool…

When will all the fun start ?

I need all the help I can get. I’m good at the talking bit but the picking up bit I’m terrible at . :frowning:

So come, on show me how it should be done .

Any truth to the rumor that he’s practicing the lines that he’s going to share with us, right now, in a bar somewhere?

(or the more vicious rumor that he has NO intention of giving us his “A” material?)

Hmmm, considering that I need all the help I can get…hit me…
No, not hit on me!!!