Gosh, they missed me - MMP

There didn’t seem to be anybody for today, so I figured I’d give BooFae and other early MMP’rs a foothold :slight_smile:

I moved from Switzerland (at the corner with Germany and France) to France (at the corner tiwh Switzerland and Germany) three weeks ago; got internet back home ten days ago, but as I was going home to spend all of last week, I didn’t hop back into WoSW.

The shinding with the relatives went well; we have a pic of Gramps with the suspenders I got him, telling some joke (if I recall correctly, it was a pun older than Adam and Eve), and Grandma smiling up at him. This is a woman who’s spent the last 70 years complaining about her man, eh!

Grandma doesn’t drink with meals, she says (doesn’t drink outside meals, either, wonder if that’s the secret of youth? dehidration?). Apparently this doesn’t apply to red wine in a carafe, she emptied something like 1.5 liters all by herself. Later she was a bit dizzy and blamed “eating too fast.” U-hu.

The Nephew is at a wonderful stage where he learns a few new things every day and becomes interested in things that he’d previously found uninteresting or repulsive. I babysat him with Mom a couple times last week and he figured out several new games and that all the bricks in a wall are about the same height. This last discovery seems to be a fascinating one, he’s been measuring bricks left and right. One of the games was born when he was in his trolley, being pushed by his Mom, with my Mom and me on either side. He extended his hands and instead of mine, I only gave him my index finger, which he examined like he hadn’t seen one before. Then he extended the other hand to Mom, and she gave him her index to hold. Later, after he’d drunk some water, Mom gave him a different finger but he didn’t want it, he’d shake his head no and lift up his index until she gave him “the correct finger”. That was Thrusday: by yesterday it had turned into asking for a different finger every time and also into people asking him for a specific finger to hold. I think that’s what “you have to be like these little ones” means. :smiley:

Pics will be posted later, from home. I’m in the office today so once the boss is in, no slacking. Or at least, I have to find something that looks like I’m not slacking. Blah.

Sorry I missed Educated Rodent’s MMP…

Hey Nava,

Nice to see you here. Thanks for the MMP.

rosie, I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been sending out good thoughts to you.

And YES!, I’m first on the MMP this week. :slight_smile:

Great OP, Nava, and yes we did miss you.

I’m also thinking about you, Rosie, and hoping this week looks brighter for you. From what you were saying last week, you need someone ‘professional’ to talk to and I do hope you find the help you need to get back to your old cheerful self.

We had a good time yesterday messing about by the river selling cakes for charity. It was a lovely day, very sunny and warm - I have the sunburn to prove it and my shoulders are still glowing this morning. I guess SPF35 just won’t do it any more.

In total we raised £92 which is pretty respectable for the sale of a bunch of homemade cakes. There are still leftovers though, some of those are in my freezer at home because we have another event coming up where we can use them.

At work it’s the deadline for some of our committee papers today so I’m going to be busy downloading, saving and printing the b*ggers. Oh, I just love deadline days.

On Saturday afternoon, I hit my longest non-wind or non-downhill drive ever, coming to rest at 270 yards. I love the game! It’s things like that which make me keep coming back.

TP, I just got to play golf again for the first time in probably a year. It was nice to get out and thwack some balls. Fortunately I seem to not get worse even when I don’t play (not saying that I play well of course.) I can’t hit a driver straight for some reason, so I just play irons. Rather spend my time going straight down the fairway than going far and hiking through the brush. :wink:

And yoooo, Wendy. Y’all set me up for an MMP and then disappeared! Naughty naughty! (Oh, and I’m playing WoW again a bit. Come back!)

Nice OP Nava. We did miss you and wondered how things were goin’ all last week. We’re all nice and [del]nosy[/del] supportive like that.

Welcome TokyoPlayer. At least I don’t remember you postin’ in a MMP before. Glad you enjoyed your game. I tried to like golf. I really did. Even bought a set of clubs. For three years I tried. Just ain’t me. I ended up giving the clubs to my next to oldest brother, who, while he writes with right hand, does pretty much everything else with his left hand. So, he was all excited like to get a set of left hand golf clubs. I’m all lefty myself.

I’m all caffienated and about to go clean myself up. Thus begins another excitatin’ week!

Morning all! Sorry I just posted and disappeared two weeks ago. I’m all healed up and fine. My home PC, on the other hand, is totally defunct. For some reason they don’t protect computers against orange juice. One little cupful on the motherboard and the stupid computer doesn’t want to work anymore.

Well, I had a mildly interesting weekend. It started Friday night, when I got a call from the neighbors across the road. Their son Scott was having a problem with his foot, and could hardly walk; they wanted me to check him out. I reached behind his bad foot, and his Achilles tendon was slack.

Despite all the grief Swampy gives me about being oogied, this did it for real.

He had run his car dry, and was pushing it home when he popped it. So, I splashed his car with gas so it could be moved out of the driveway, and drove everyone to the ER. How for fortunate for VNeighbors that VWife wrecked the Family Truckster and we replaced it with a minivan, 'cuz they’d’ve never fit in the Trailblazer.

Saturday, I put new blades in the riding mower, and it cuts beautifully once more. Only I messed something up in the process; the blades won’t disengage when I shut off the PTO. :smack:

Yesterday, I made a small sitting area with patio blocks for the glider bench so it wouldn’t sink into the ground, moved a wood pile, and fixed a couple of things around the lair. I also noticed that the water main was leaking between the road and my meter (makes it the county’s problem), and called it in. I’m facing some unplanned landscaping to fix whatever they dig up to fix it.

No fires or rescue runs for me. I’m also 0 for 2 in trying to call BioRosie to cheer her up with my charm and debonaire attitude. :wink: Probably has something to do with me calling too late in the evening to be decent (9:30 PM). I PROMISE I’ll do it earlier tonight.

ETA: Does anyone want to see pictures of the wrecked Family Truckster and VWife’s knees? I can scan and post them tonight if anyone [del]wants to morbidly gawk[/del] is interested.

Morning all! Today is laundry day. I might walk down to the bookstore later, before it gets too hot.

I’m, glad your trip went well, Nava. Maybe the secret to a long life and a long marriage is a carafe of wine a day?

TP, ggod shot. I have a set of used clubs in the closet.

bobbio, ouch! I had Achilles tendinitis, and that was no fun.

Hey, Nava! We missed you!

rosie, I hope this week goes better for you.

FEAR ME, FOR I HAVE FINISHED MY THESIS. MUAHAHAHA. And I start my new job today. Ack! I can’t believe I’m nervous about teaching - I’ve been a teacher for 4 years, for crying out loud. Ack! Did I mention that I’m nervous?

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

VBob, you have to post photos so that you have a legitimate claim on Swampy’s TMI and squickiness crown!

I agree. Scan the pics, bobbio

Of course we missed you nava! Loved the OP.

tp…<SNERK!!>…well somebody had to say it. :wink:

haze, congrats on finishing your thesis! ::thumbs up smilie::

A nice calm weekend Chez Anachi. Usual routine, made some sketti and meaty balls, started my summer tan (ouch! I’m a maroon), and all the other usual stuff. BUT can I tell you? The love bugs are particularly infestatious (is too a word) this year. They are fireeekin’’ EVERYWHERE! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s because we are a tad cooler than normal. We should be in the low nineties by now but instead are mid eighties.

welby, glad you are on the mend.


Mr. Lissar ruined the keyboard last week with just one little cup of water. Now we have a new, more-awkward keyboard. I hate it.

Morning everyone, and happy Victoria Day! Today we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday by setting off fireworks and getting drunk!

Hey, WTG to the thesis, Haze! You should be proud! And don’t be nervous!

I spent the weekend working in the yard, and sneezing. And dripping and breaking out in hives. I finally took two benedryls at about 6 pm last night. What a MISTAKE. I forgot how those damn things turn you into a total zombie.


I just went back and read the rest of the MMP that I missed over the weekend. Snerk! I actually laughed out loud at FCM throwing cat heads and dog bodies! I thought she was out on the boat feeding the sharks! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the contribution from JoeDawg was amusing. hee hee

OK, so tell me: am I old? My hands hurt from gardening yesterday! This must be what it means to get old: the muscles in your very hands ache from the severely taxing motion of pushing aside a little dirt and poking a wee little vinca flower, or a marigold, into it! Ok, so I did lug around several 40-pound bags of soil, and made a half-hearted attempt to dig a hole for a transplanted butterfly bush … maybe that caused the aching. I didn’t notice those aches much, though, for all the nose-runnin.’ Sheesh. There go my hopes for an easy allergy spring.

Rosie, did friends stop by yesterday? Here’s hoping you’re feeling brighter today! I hope the weather there is as pretty as it is here. Gorgeous, sunny May!

Nice OP Nava sounds like an interesting group there…

Woo-Hoo to haze!

“Class, today we will learn the art of the drunken post. Next week, we’ll all be doing lap dances…”


Rosie, hope you have a better week, and next week is better and so on and so on…
I have painters at my house. I got to walk the boss around and show which colors go where and so on. The whole place in two days - upstairs, downstairs, vaulted ceilings…So I’m happy, that’s something for me to NOT have to do.

I got a new cell phone this weekend. I was due for an upgrade. I had a Motorola RAZR, which I liked - sorta. I ended up with a Samsung, I think it’s called a ‘Sync’. It makes calls, sends text messages (which you must have to communicate with one’s daughter these days…) and a gazillion other things I’ll never figure out.

So, I’m at work, which probably means I ought to get TO work, eh?

Bobbio - you’ll have a better shot of actually speaking to me if you call the other number I gave you - that’s my cell and is (usually) right next to me (I left it in the bedroom this morning, but I will retrieve it when I go to get dressed - I’m still in PJs)

No one came by yesterday. Altho one friend called at 7:30 to see if I’d had any dinner yet - she and her husband offered to bring me something and keep me company. I might have taken them up on it, except I was feeling very weak yesterday and did not feel like getting dressed.

I feel a little better today, but not much.

Nava - watching wee ones discover the world is a joyous thing indeed. Nice OP.

TPlay (your new nickname, because calling you TP could lead to calling you Charmin and we wouldn’t want that now would we?) welcome to the MMP, where the cool kids hang. Gifts of chocolate go to FairyChatMom; and watch out for the goat.

Hello, all! I am tired. I have to start going to bed early Sunday nights–I’m getting too old for this.

I have a morbid curiosity to see the state of the wrecked family truckster, but I am not good with seeing injured people parts.

We only have a few love bugs so far.

I wish I could figure out how to meet some people around here. I am bored and all my friends live elsewhere.

Morning, everybody. Nice OP, Nava, and welcome back, we missed you! Sounds like the family did its usual job of being, well, the family. We must see new pics of the nephew, of course! And also VWife’s knee – TMI is always a good thing in the MMP, especially where knees are concerned as of late. :smiley:

Also welcome back to welby – computers are surprisingly offended by things like OJ and Coke, aren’t they? – and a welcome to the MMP to TPlay. If you have leftover chocolate after sending your love offerings to FCM, I’ll take them, thanks. :smiley: And hang in there, Rosie, things will get better, promise.

I woke up this morning well after Papa Tigs’ normal going-to-work time of 0 dark 30, and there he was sleeping like a baby next to me. I figured he must be doing it on purpose since he never sleeps through his alarm, so rather than disturb him by getting up, I rolled over and went back to sleep myself. :smiley: Turns out his allergies kept him up most of the night, so he called in “I’ll get in whenever.” Since we were on vacation for that week to NOLA and the major who’s technically his boss had to be him for a week, the major had no complaints at all. Apparently walking a week in Papa Tigs’ shoes convinced the major he doesn’t really slack on the job, after all. :smiley: He’s off to work now, and here’s hoping they don’t keep him till after dark just to make up for this morning. One day last week he was there both for reveille (6:00 a.m.) and retreat (5:00 p.m.), which is perhaps a bit much, if you ask me.

What is it with my family and right knees recently? I had my right knee replaced in February. My mom had her right knee replaced in March. Lapin Blanc is off getting her right knee CAT scanned because it keeps swelling up for no known reason. And Friday Papa Tigs tripped over a step and fall down go boom on HIS right knee and skinned it all to hell. Weird, I tells ya.

Oh, my sister’s latest health problem? (Besides her Parkinson’s, her bipolar disease, and her kidney disease.) Sleep apnea. Severe enough, apparently, that she’s not allowed to drive for two months. :smack: I don’t know what she did to piss off the goddess of health, but it sure was something, apparently!

And now I’ve been goofing off long enough, back to work and fun technical terminology. Remind me never, ever, EVER to accept patent appeals to work on ever, EVER again. There’s a reason I don’t do medical/scientific work, and this is it!!

O Wise One–I will learn from you! I plan now to spend the rest of grad school drinking and sleeping with inappropriate peoples. YES. (beats doing the damned homework). Congrats. And good luck today.

I start summer session in one week. Joy.