Haiku Madness Part Deux

All kinds of fine floss
Filled the room. In the middle
One happy kitten.

One happy kitten
Caught one unhappy mouse, and
There was so much blood.

“There was so much blood,”
The ex-intern said, waking
on the O.R. floor.

On the O.R. floor,
You’ll find the dancing feet of
Dr. Hook, baby!

Dr. Hook, baby!
His picture on the cover!
Of the Rolling Stone!

Of the Rolling Stone -
Lo, for it rolls and rolls and
It gathers no moss.

It gathers no moss
Only dust dry samples from
The lake beds of Mars.

The lake beds of Mars
Are not, I understand, the
Best spots for fishing

Best spots for fishing?
The ruins of Atlantis and
Fort Knox’s gold vaults.

Fort Knox’s gold vaults
Will puzzle the aliens
Who study our ruins.

Who study our ruins
and ruin our studies? Our

Study arches, I suppose
Like podiatrists

Like podiatrists
On Facebook if you can, they
Always face defeat.

Always face defeat
Or perhaps deface the feet?
Sometimes it’s just hard.

Sometimes it’s just hard
Icy snow; hard to walk on
But here comes the thaw!

But. Here comes the thaw –
drops falling from icicles
like diamonds. Shining.

Like diamonds, shining
Glistening in the moonlight
Her perspiration

Her perspiration:
90% of success
But all of her stench

But all of her stench
Simply cannot compete with
Bouquets of roses.

Bouquets of roses
Are worth their weight in gold on
The 14th of Feb.