Haiku Madness Part Deux

Pulled the wrong finger
As a result, Grandpa has
A mess in his pants

A mess in his pants:
The least of Baby’s worries.
Now, where’s that nipple?

Now, where’s that nipple?
Justin had to plan it quick -
Janet was exposed.

Janet was exposed,
So Chrissy looked away. Jack
Couldn’t help himself.

Couldn’t help himself
Was what Jack said. But the judge
wouldn’t buy that one.

“Wouldn’t buy that one”
I said, as I side-eyed a
Stanky cantaloupe

Skanky Canteloupe
Sitting on the closest shelf
with the lutefish

With the lutefish
Jamming with the fiddler crab
And trumpeter swan

And trumpeter swan
Sang out her saddest news: “Our
Sebastian is gone!”

[Samuel E. Wright, voice of Sebastian on The Little Mermaid has passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 74.]

Sebastian is gone
And should he ever return
We’ll sing “Welcome Back.”

We’ll sing “Welcome Back.”
As soon as Mr. Kotter
Learns some better jokes.

Learns some better jokes
Drives manual transmission
Taught my dog new tricks

Taught my dog new tricks
Like barking “The Love Boat” theme.
RIP Captain Stubing

RIP Captain Stubing
And Murray, you’ll reconnect
With Chuckles the Clown

With Chuckles the Clown
Everything is humorous
In Minnesota

In Minnesota
Soft drinks are small. That’s why it’s
Called Minnesota.

Called Minnesota
Years ago, was expensive.
Now it’s all flat rate.

Now it’s all flat rate,
À la Herman Cain and his
9-9-9…mmm, Pizza!

(fixed the syllables)

9-9 mmm, pizza
Thought I could eat a hundred
But last one was meh

But last one was meh,
I find I’m not looking to
Watch the next movie.