Haiku Madness Part Deux

Watch the next movie
Theaters reopening
Buttered popcorn time!

Buttered popcorn time!
Peanut butter jelly time!
Brussels sprouts time? No.

Brussels sprouts time? No,
For every day’s Sprouts Day
When you are in love.

When you are in love
There is not a wrong way to
Load the dishwasher

Load the Dishwasher
Cups, Saucers, Plates and Silverware
All needing cleaning

All needing cleaning
Said the mother cat, washing
All of those kittens.

All of those kittens
And I don’t have a single
Stinkin’ ball of yarn

All of those kittens
Will soon be cats, which means more
Kittens. Please, spay, neuter.


Stinking’ ball of yarn
Don’t work well as dental floss.
Smelly mittens? Yes!

Smelly Mittens? yes
Doing sewer repair in
Michigan Winter

Michigan winter
I’ve seen 63 of them
I can drive in snow

I can drive in snow.
The question is: why am I
Golfing in winter?

Golfing in winter
Snowmobiling in summer
I need seasoning

I need seasoning
For my new cast iron pan. New?
Well, it’s new to me.

Well, it’s new to me -
But there’s still no flying cars.
Where are the sky cars?

Where are the sky cars?
promised but not delivered
Gravity still King

Gravity still king
Of all laws. You can suck it,

Thermodynamics –
Most likely reason for the
Universe’s death

Universe’s death
Will hopefully not happen
Before I retire

Before I retire
To a well-deserved respite
End Internet wrongs.