Haiku Madness Part Deux

And on your low foal
you may ride where’er you wish
on the road again

“On The Road Again”
Willie Nelson wrote the song
In fifteen minutes.

In fifteen minutes
I will be leaving for work
Fuck me. Just, fuck me

Fuck me. Just, fuck me.
Or if that’s asking too much
At least say hello.

At least say hello

When we get down to it and

You are on the top.

You are on the top
Of Mount Everest and it’s
A long, long way down.

A long, long way down
What a beautiful sled ride!
Glad there’s a lift up.

Glad there’s a lift up
Stairs can be long and boring
All praise to Otis.

All praise to Otis
Lets himself into his cell
Leaves key on the hook

Leaves key on the hook
Hooks leaves on the key then say
More gobbledeegook.

More gobbledeegook
sitting in the breakfast nook
with my fav’rite book

with my fav’rite book
and that is ridiculous
All are favorites

All are favorites
Tacos, nachos, burritos
Combo plate for me!

Combo plate for me!
When just one food won’t suffice
I want all the foods

I want all the foods
And I want them now. Don’t care
How, just go do it.

How, just go do it
Here or There or Anywhere
Universal do.

Universal do
movies and Hollywood deals;
it’s a studio

It’s a studio.
Phil Collins rents it? It’s a

(Sorry and good luck!)

Might make a good refrain line
For a painter’s song.

For a painter’s song
Does it require an airbrush
Or an air guitar