Haiku Madness Part Deux

“Trick you” - take your pick
Of that, or the alternative:
Giving me a treat.

Giving me a treat?
Aw, thanks - that’s so nice of you!
Much obliged, my friend.

Much obliged, my friend
That there’s dialogue from the
Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith Show
Was fun. you know barber Floyd
Was an alien

Was an alien
The only explanation
You could come up with?

You could come up with
some treasure from the sea depths
and I would kiss you

And I would Kiss you
And I would Almond Joy you
Cuz it’s Halloween

Cuz, it’s Halloween.
Let’s dress up like twin sisters
Instead of cousins.

Instead of Cousins
I do wish the Vikings still
Had Fran Tarkenton

Had Fran Tarkenton?
Jeez, who hasn’t? What a slut!
They say he’s good, though.

They say he’s good, though.
But what they don’t tell you is,
he’s good … for nothing

He’s good for nothing
Some golden retriever, he’s
Never brought me gold

Never brought me gold
Brought me soup when I was sick:
Friends give what they have.

Friends give what they have
But why in the hell did she
Give me her husband?

Give me her husband
I will whip him into shape
First, lose the man bun

First, lose the man bun
Second, no more tattoos, bro
Third, give me big bucks

Third gave me big bucks
Two gave me a car and yacht
One gave me jail time

One gave me jail time
Which, I tell you, was the worst
Birthday gift I got.

Punctuation aside, and as set forth by the OP, I think you should use exactly what the previous poster left you as his or her last lime.

In play:

Birthday gift I got
(but it wasn’t my birthday):
eight tons of sick eels

eight tons of sick eels
weighs exactly the same as
eight tons of space dust !