Happy Fourth! What're you doin' today?

I’ll start: my wife (and Commanding Officer ;)) and I are driving our old classic, a 1963 convertible, over to her cousin’s for a nice BBQ and family get-together. It’s a 2-hr drive over, and it’s a bright, sunny day here in CA.

What are you doing?

Happy Fourth, everyone!

Working. (Canada)

But wishing our neighbours a very happy Independence Day. Have one for me.

Happy belated Canada Day, Leaffan! Thanks for keeping the global economy going while we party today.

BBQ at a relative’s house on Lake Superior, then we’ll probably mosey on downtown for a bit. We’ll be at another friend’s boat to watch the fireworks in the harbor, then, if we have any energy left, off to see a reunion of a band consisting of some people I went to high school with play at a local club.

Cleaning my apartment, then going downtown to meet a friend and some other friends for rooftop viewing of fireworks. Friend’s dad just got diagnosed with lung cancer though :frowning: so we may not stay for long.

You can’t leave us with just this… a '63 what?

I’ll be driving my old classic… a 2006 convertible (Mustang GT)… great day here too, but maybe a little too hot… upper 90’s.

Nice pony car. Mine is a Porsche 356, in ivory, like this one.

Stay cool in that heat, Indiana.

That is one sweet car! Enjoy your ride.

Writing. I’ve been sporadically mulling over a piece on outsider art for months, more actively for the last week or two, and I finally figured out the starting point.

My day began with one of my favorite 4th of July traditions – listening to the reading of the Declaration of Independence on Morning Edition.

Beyond that, I’m mostly staying inside to avoid the heat and humidity. There shall be massive steaks later in the day, but we’ll have to keep an eye on the weather, as more thunderstorms (of the swiftly-developing variety) are predicted in the late afternoon. The chance of storms is supposed to drop significantly after 9 p.m., so my son and I will walk up to the city park to watch the fireworks and laser light show.

Buying a lawnmower. Our 3 year old $80 mower finally bit the dust after 3 years of heavy use, very little cleaning, and no preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, the lawn still needs mowin’.

We’re so festive and patriotic. :smiley:

Sounds exciting, and mowing one’s lawn is a great American tradition. . .:D. . Here’s hoping you don’t make it an annual event. I’ll drink a beer in your honor, okay?

I probably wont even get to mow the lawn because we’re supposed to have thunderstorms all day! But, today is the only chance we’ll have to buy one because we’re busy the rest of the week…stupid jobs.

Have a couple beers in my honor and some for my boyfriend if you have it. Neither of us drinks so there will be an alcohol consumption imbalance over southern central MA this Fourth of July and someone’s gotta balance it!

Working. One of our UK clients has a quarter end deliverable with a tight timeline, so it’s worth putting in at least half a day to get some breathing room. Plus I get an extra day off to take a beach day later in the month when it’s less packed. So I’m not too worked up about it, and I’ll do some grilling with a couple of beers tonight to celebrate the US of A. :slight_smile:

I went to UCSB (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara) and built up my resistance to alcohol, so I’m up to the challenge. I’ll have a couple. :smiley:

Also, I grew up just down the road from you, congodwarf, in West Hartford.

Wishing I could have a drink. I got this on Cinco de Mayo, Passover, and Purim, too… Somebody have a couple for me, OK?

The weather here has been such that I haven’t had much desire to go outside lately (or to stay there when I do). I will probably play some video games.

Way too hot to go outside to do anything. I plan to watch “Independence Day” (again, but it’s been long enough since the last viewing to enjoy it). I need to print, frame, and hang a photo in the living room to replace the one that got moved to the kitchen, so I might do that. Or maybe nap.

Happy independence day to all American friends. :slight_smile:

Working. At least It’s quiet here – no one else is in.

Tonight I’ll go to the fireworks with my wife and daughter.

Watching Futurama as I see it on TV now, and maybe playing Mass Effect 3.

It’s raining here so I can’t really do much else.