HoosierDope 2002???

Ok, I tried this last year and it fell through because no one’s schedules lined up.

The current trend in MPSIMS says tis the season for Dopefests!

Anyone interested? I know we have a few Hoosier Dopers here…

Munch, Politziana, Ruby, Amazing Tiki God… etc

Anybody is welcome, but the closer you are to South Bend, Indiana, the better. :wink:

I’m interested! What days work for the rest of you?

Heck, I’d just like to know how many Hoosier dopers there are, and where they are… Sound off, people!

b.(northwest indiana)

Just posted a note about the Star Wars Celebration in Indy May 3rd-5th & suggested it as a possible Doper Meet & Greet.

I also made a comment on the Unaboard about mebbe looking into an OKIIDopeFest (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana & Illinois).

I’m up for a trip to South Bend … except for Sat 5/4, and the week of 5/12-5/19. Should be a pretty easy drive for ChiDopers… if they’ve recovered yet!

Indianapolis might be a better bet if we want Kentucky (thinksnow?) and southern Ohio (Rue) attendees.

I’m up for it, either Indy or South Bend. It won’t really matter.

As for dates, I’m booked this month (April), have the busiest May 3 weekend I’ve ever had, and have a couple weddings late May. June would be a solid bet for my attendance, but will try to fit anything in.

Hey, cool, I might actually be able to make this one.

Well, unless you don’t want to deal with the under-21 folk.
I’m going to IU in the fall, so I could arrange a “visit” to IU to coincide, and stop by on my way to or from. Depending, of course, on where and when. I graduate (HS) on May 26, so anything after that would be better than anything before that, but I’ll try to fit it in…

Where is South Bend, anyway?

I’m interested. I just got back from NYC (See “Hoosier wants to meet NYC dopers.”) I’m in the Anderson area. Meeting the NYC Dopers in Brooklyn was a hoot.

To whom it may apply:

Ummm, hey gang, it would help considerably if you’d toss some dates around concering your personal schedules.

A simple “I’m interested” really isn’t going to get the ball rolling. :smiley:

Personally, I am free anytime, indefinitely. Translation, I’m free today through… until whenever something changes.

Why it’s in the north, of course! It’s about an hour east of Chicago, right along I-80/90. Where are you located now, Garfield, and what are you studying at Bloomington? (If of course you are going to Bloomington, and not one of IU’s bazillion satellite campuses/campi.)


Right now I’m in Danville, Illinois.

I’ll be studying music education (hopefully) at Bloomington.

My next weekend off is not until May 18-19. I can always request a weekend, with like a month’s lead time, and if we can reach a consensus.

I’m in. My weekends are pretty flexible. I’d say somewhere towards the middle to end of May being the ideal time. By the way, I’m in Louisville (with thinksnow. Well, not WITH him. We just live in the same town). But I’m Indiana born and raised. Anyone interested in carpooling, drop me a line daredevilcomic@hotmail.com


Obviously sounds like May, may be in the may for a HoosierDope.

Let’s let this ride a while yet, and see who else pops in with prospective dates. :cool:

Why not start with anya’s suggestion of May 18-19? That way, there’s a jumping off point, and we can always fine-tune it if necessary. Now, what will the forum be? Party in the park? Dinner and drinks downtown? Roman-style toga orgy at MSK’s house?

Oh, and I forgot to ask: Anyone from the Youngstown/Pittsburgh area (or elswhere on the 80/90 corridor) interested in carpooling?

That date works for me.

as for toga orgies at my place, I don’t mom would appreciate that, lol.

Ooooh! I’m in. Just about anytime works for me. I’m in Bloomington, I can find Indianapolis (although I can’t find anything IN Indianapolis). I could even, if need be, find other parts of Indiana as well.
Garfield226, you’ll love IU. Bloomington is great.

May 18-19 is a possibility - will just be back from Las Vegas & don’t know how much more travelling I/we will be willing to do so soon.

I assume we’re still looking at South Bend for the location?

Just a wee nudge, here. In the last coupla weekends in May, Indy is awash in Indy 500 fans. 200,000 extra people will make it tough to make reservations within a 35 mile radius of Indy.

That weekend probably works for me.

–Nott, the large

Since Mr. Pol can’t drink & I usually choose not to — under-21’ers might want to join us also – may I make a request that one “activity” be alcohol-free (or at least pretty optional)? In other words, not hanging out at a bar.

Maybe visit a park, greenhouse, etc? Does the College Football Hall of Fame cost anything?