Hot Dog! It's the MMP!

Hot dog facts:

July is National Hot Dog Month!

Hot dogs are one of the most popular American foods. On the 4th of July, 155 million hot dogs will be eaten.

The name “hot dog” is credited to a sports cartoonist named Tad Dorgan. Vendors began selling “dachshund sausages” in rolls in 1901 at a ball park in New York, but Tad couldn’t spell “dachshund” so he called them “hot dogs.”

What are hot dogs made of? Don’t ask! “Specially selected meat trimmings.” Yum.

What is the preferred condiment for hot dogs? Adults like mustard, but kids like ketchup more.

I like mustard, relish, and onions. Sometimes chili.

Please, everybody have a safe and fun-filled day!

Yay hotdogs! Of course tomorrow I’m eatin’ ribs. Am I unpatriotic? Should I show up with a pack of hotdogs and insist on grillin’ 'em cause we’s Ahmurrkins? That might be fun.

There’s this hotdog place around here that makes real good chili/cheese/onion/slawdogs. They are lethal! When I eat 'em, I go get 'em take 'em home and eat ‘em on the back porch. The smell of the dawgs would be in my house for weeks, plus the after shock that happens after eatin’ 'em would peel the paint off the walls. :smiley:

I have to be in the right mood for a hot dog. I honestly don’t remember the last time that mood hit me. But my preferred condiment is ketchup.

My dad used to throw together a meal involving hot dogs - slice up the dogs into 1/4-in or so thick pieces and fry them up lightly with sliced onions. Add a can or 2 of baked beans (depending on how many dogs you used) glop in some ketchup and a slice or 2 of American cheese till it melts, then mix it all up.


Emit noxious fumes.


Kinda like the original beenie-weenie. Not great, not bad.

We leave at 1:15 or so to take the kids to the airport. But first, FCD and his baby are having breakfast together. So I’ll be taking Robert to BK for a croissanwich, then somewhere to get a souvenir T-shirt. After we dump them at the airport, we’re heading into Baltimore to get me some glaze. Then back home to finally do the initial kiln firing.

And thus ends my vacation. <sigh>

Happy Monday!!

I buy a pack of hotdogs a week. They are the faaaaaaaaaa-vo-rite treat for Maddy the VunderDog. She gets a half of a hotdog a night, injected with her medicine, so she gobbles it down and gets healthy at the same time. Chopped up hotdog is also the best bribe around for getting her to go into her crate.

In other news, I wanted to do the MMP today to relay the following life lesson I learned Friday night- Saturday morning. Never try to cross a drainage ditch at O’dark thirty in the morning without a flashlight.

You see, I have a problem with sleeping. I can get there just fine, but I can’t stay there, and I commonly wake up around 3 AM. Friday night was no exception, and instead of my usual habit of getting online, I decided to take a fast walk outside.

I live across the street from a big city park, and in one corner is an elementary school. I thought it would be jake to go in to the park, swing around the back side of the school, and come home; roughly a mile’s trek. Did I mention that it was 3:30 AM, and darker than the boots of the High Sheriff of Hell? And we’ve had 7 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks?

There’s a road that comes out right where I wanted onto the school grounds. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t see, I didn’t pick it. I was on one of the cul-de-sacs. OK, I can still do this, because there’s the football field. Oh, there’s a ditch. It doesn’t look too deep, because the grass is coming right back up…

Wrong. What looked like the bank for the other side in the dark was in reality unmowed marsh grass. I stepped and instead of a solid footing, I fell about a foot and a half lower that I expected into ankle deep muck, and fell to my knees, losing a shoe in the process. :eek: :smack: :mad: Found the shoe, put it back on, and went back the way I came.

When I got home, the shoes and socks went straight into the trash, and I went to the shower. VWife was all cornfuzzed about me hosing off at 4 AM until I told the story, and now won’t let me forget it.

Bobbio go to the chalkboard and write one hundred times…
“I will take my flashlight with me when walking at night.” :smiley:

Beanie-Weenie is one of the all time most disgusting yet good foods. I mean, it’s just gross to think about but it tastes good. Know what’s really gross? Those little cans of Vienna sausages in bbq sauce. ICK! Yet somebody must buy 'em cause there they sit on a shelf in the grocery store.

Speaking of weirdness, ever go in a bait shop? Bait shops always have little cans of Vienna sausages, sardines, potted meat, deviled ham and stuff like that. It always looks like the same little cans. Makes me wonder just how long those things have been sittin’ on the shelf. :eek: The beer’s usually ice cold and fresh though, so I’m good. What would I, who does not fish, be doing in a bait shop you ask? Well, when one is out on the river in a boat and needs to make a beer run, one can pull one’s boat right up to the dock of the bait shop and run in right quick to replenish one’s beer stash. What a silly question!

[snob]I only buy all-beef kosher hot dogs.[/snob] It’s not because I have any real problem with regular hot dogs. I just prefer the taste of kosher dogs.

Right now, though, I’m not thinking about hot dogs. I’m thinking about breakfast. I went into the kitchen to make waffles, but I don’t have baking powder. So I’m debating whether to go to the store to buy baking powder and buttermilk (may as well, while I’m at it) or just say “heck with it” and get breakfast to go from the corner diner. I’m leaning toward “heck with it”.


The longer that stuff sits the better, because it’s catfish bait, not human food…

Happy monday everyone!
Hotdogs are an essencial ingredient in summertime. No summer without firing up the grill, and no grill without hotdogs. Here we actually eat hotdogs with something we call “lompe”. They look like fajitas, but are made from potato. Then we wrap the hotdog in this lompe, and add potatosalad, or just eat it plain with mustard and ketchup.

When it comes to what the hotdogs are made of, I keep to not wanting to know, even though I have heard my share of horror stories from friends working part time as a summer assistants at the local butcher. Hotdogs are just too important to be bothered with gory details of being made from … oh, I better stop there, we want to enjoy our hotdogs, right?


That’s exactly which way I’d go. :slight_smile:

I’m at work. I am unhappy about it. That is all. Stories about my crazy family and what I actually did this weekend will come later, once I’ve done the two hours’ worth of actual work. :mad:

Me, too. And I like kosher dill pickles better than normal pickles. I think those Jews are onto something with their hot dogs and pickles. Vienna beef hot dogs are good, too. When we went camping over Memorial Day weekend we took some Polish sausages and cooked 'em over the fire and ate 'em in buns with mustard. Hoo boy, they were good!

Reading back over that, I think I sound like a crazy person, rambling on about hot sausages. Of course, cold sausages are good, too. I like some hard salami or all-beef summer sausage, mm-hmm.

Okay, I’m going to stop now.

Howdy MsRobyn! We ain’t seen you round these parts for quite a spell now. We’s pleased as punch you showed up. I don’t know why I’m postin’ like I just rode into town on back of the turnip truck. I thank it had to do with postin’ about bait shops. Kinda brings it all out in me. I’m like a f-aaaaaa-bu-lous gay redneck sometimes. :smiley:

Welcome Kotick. Glad you came by the cool kids place. All it takes to be a MMP cool kid is to post. About anything. Really.

Bobbio no self respectin’ catfish is gonna take Vienna sausages as bait. They much prefer pork brains.

TWO it is always acceptable to talk about sausages. Like beer brats. I love me some beer brats.

Drae I’m at work too. I’m finishing up a few things and foresee being outta here by eleven this morning.

I’d hate you for that if I didn’t like you so much. There has been no mention of any possibility of going home early. I might be out by 4:30 instead of 5:30.

Just tie the hotdogs together and pretend they’re ribs.

Actually, no, on second thought, don’t do that.

I really don’t want to be at work today, but it’s raining outside so no big loss. I hope that it clears up this afternoon because we’ve got more drinking binges disguised as barbeques to go to. Todays should prove interesting. We’re going to my girlfriend’s sister’s old neighborhood to hang out in the cul-de-sac with all the people we got to know when they lived there. It’ll be weird not having a home to go into though. I don’t want to have to go inside someone else’s house to take a leak. Family (well almost family, not quite yet) is one thing, the other is kind of odd. Plus, where are we going to put our beer? I don’t want to be dragging our giant cooler around with us today. I just want a sixer of something to go with the hotdogs.

I’m at home! Nyah! But I’m not really slacking off, I’m cleaning. Since I’m cleaning, I’ve got the windows open to let the fumes out, and it is BRUTALLY HOT and no AC (at least not right now). I’m just about done vacuuming in the living room so I’ll probably start the AC there at least.

I’m also listening to Bhangra music. Sometimes it’s nice not to have the SO around since he usually makes a face. :slight_smile:


Happy 3rd of July! It’s hot and muggy here. I have no plans to eat hotdogs, but I had steak last night, and am doing burgers after work tomorrow night. I’m not doing much today, just got to run out for ice for the ice tea pot, and beer. Mmmm… beer.
Drae, I sympathize, I had to work yesterday, and gotta go in tomorrow.
Kotick, welcome! You are right about hot dogs, Jimmy Hoffa’s favorite song was “I wish I was An Oscar Meyer Wiener”.
swampy, Now I have a picture of a horde of catfish waving their whiskers at me and screaming “BRAAAIIINNNSSS!!”
MsRobyn, I usually buy the “not more than 30% meat” hot dogs.
Hmmmm… lots of hot dog ads by Google

My husband likes to say they’re made from pig lips and a$$holes. He’s just classy that way. I am so lucky to have him…

Welcome to the clan of the Cool Kids. The only requirement is that you send me love offerings of chocolates. Easy-peasy! :smiley:

Just back from my last nephew outing. I took him to BK for breakfast - he got French toast sticks - then to WalMart for a souvenir of his visit. And nothing says “I spent a week and a half in southern Maryland” like a cheap pocket watch. :rolleyes: What the heck - he likes it, I know his folks would never get him one, so for $10, he goes home happy. Also easy-peasy!

Well, he wants his turn on the computer, so I’ll be a good aunt and let him. Because I’m nice, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mornin’ ever’body. I’m at work too. But it’s not too bad. It’s really quiet here so I don’t think there are going to be any emergencies today (of the “OMG this has to be done RIGHT NOW!!!” variety) so I can get some good work done. And can visit here more than usual too.

I like hot dogs occasionally. KeithT introduced me to the official Chicago dog when we were there last fall. That was good but under normal circumstances I’m just a ketchup and mustard kind of person. All beef is good; kosher is better. And they’re best grilled. None of this heating them up in a pan on the stove or worse yet in the microwave thing. Yuck! My ex-bf’s family had burgers and dogs every Saturday night, cooked outside, rain or shine, winter or summer. That is a good tradition.

**KeithT ** moved in this weekend. He came up in a UHaul on Saturday and we unloaded about half of his stuff. (No furniture 'cause he was a poor college student and didn’t really have any so it was a pretty easy move.) Then by the time I got home from church on Sunday he’d unloaded the rest of the stuff. But he had to go back yesterday afternoon to get his car (since he drove up in the Uhaul) and the cat. So tonight there may be non-4th of July fireworks at my place when the two kitties meet. :eek: But otherwise the move in was very good.

Now I suppose since we’re past the moving and next week we’ll be past the starting of jobs for both of us, we’d better get back to focusing on the wedding planning! Yikes!

It’s okay. It’s colorful, and it reminds me of a Faulkner novel, kinda sorta, if Faulkner had a fabulous gay redneck living in Yoknapatawpha County.

But I’m glad to be here! Thanks for the warm welcome.


Didn’t mean to ignore you, MsRobyn - you don’t have to worry about the love offering, since you did that long before it became a MMP law. :smiley: Welcome to the Cool Kid Klubhouse!

You know what? I’m going to post in the** MMP**! WooHoo. Although I have posted in a **MMP **once…a while ago to comment on a lovely picture of Draelin in a bridesmaid dress.

Occasionally I get a craving for hot dogs, but like MsRobyn, I prefer the beef ones. Not necessarily Kosher (since that’s difficult to find in suburban Arkansas). We’ll be having hot dogs tomorrow at my great-aunts holiday picnic -burgers, too. It’s a potluck. I am taking artichoke dip.

Anaamika, I’m cleaning house, too! I have no idea why I used an exclamation point, though. I hate housework with a purple passion so deep as to be violet (or violent, take your pick).

I’m not at work, right now, because I am enjoying the fabled “three months in the summer” vacation of the teaching set. Except that after all the in-services, classroom prep, seminars, technology credits, and graduate courses, I actually have about three weeks. :frowning: